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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Mafat plot yojana||Gujarat gov official form and details declared 2022

 Prat, District Development Officer, District Panchayat Office All.  Subject: Prescribing the form of Chaujanana for providing free residential plots to houseless families in rural areas Reference: Panchayat Village Housing and Village Development Department.

 Resolution No.: Awas/102016/1266 (770918) dated 01/05/2017 referred to Panchayat Department  By the resolution, various provisions and conditions have been laid down for the scheme of providing free residential plots for house construction to the homeless families in rural areas.  Under this scheme, it was felt necessary to prescribe an application form for getting free plots so that plot allocation is done accurately and transparently, and to make it easy for the applicants to fill the form at the village level.  Hence, all Talukas are advised to use the prescribed simplified form attached herewith and proceed accordingly.

Evidence Of Attachment / Submission To The Application

(1) Birth registration certificate, school leaving certificate, election card or any one of the Aadhaar card as proof of adulthood

(2) Any one of the ration card, election card or Aadhar card as proof of identity and residency.

(3) If they do not hold land / as a heir, they will get the land which is falling apart. Village Sample No-2

4) The land / house in rural / urban area at any place in the State in the name of him or any member of his family from the applicant Meaning of affidavit in prescribed form.

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Mafat Plot Yojana Gujarat Official Form Download Link

Official Form Download Link

Download Mafat Plot Yojna Gujarat All Paripatra – Gr

1. Mafat Plot Yojna Ma Sudhara Paripatra Dated: 13-03-18

2. Mafat Plot Yojna Ma Sudhara Paripatra Dated: 01-05-17

3. Mafat Plot Yojna Ane Sardar Awas Yojna Sanklit Tharav Dated: 06-08-16

4. Mafat Plot Yojna Ane Sardar Awas Yojna Sanklit Tharav Dated: 11-09-15

5. Mafat Plot Yojna Land Committee Meeting Paripatra Dated: 24-04-15

100 Choras Var Mafat Plot Yojna Detail And Download Tharav(Resolution)

All most have gam ma rehta loko Under the Housing Scheme of the Center, qualifying for housing assistance. Must have been living in the village for at least one year. In this particular case, the The sahay yojana was beneficiaries having eligibility conditions are not allowed to obstruct the 100-square meter limit and there is a limit of 10 lakh per gram panchayat for private land acquisition. This read All limit has been abolished. Apart from this, the cost.

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