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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Twinning programme between schools year 2022 23

twinning 2022.pdf • . Theme of Training •

 Sharing of best practices.  .  Purpose / Purpose of School Visit: The schools to be linked will provide exchange of educational and co-curricular activities.  • Capacity building will be achieved through exchange of excellent ideas between teachers and students.  Progress will be achieved by combining one's own ability and the strength and success of others.  Both the schools will accept each other's best and increase their capacity.  

They can learn about each other's strengths and weaknesses and learn together.  Students in a connected school will be more capable both individually and in groups.  Teachers will get an opportunity to adopt better and more effective methods.  . .  .  .  Guidelines "Twinning of schools (Elementary)" Twinning program known as "partnership between schools" aims to enable students and teachers of two schools to learn from each other.  

Establish linkages between government schools and other well-functioning government or private schools for consistent learning opportunities.  Due to which students and teachers will share experiences, ideas and best practices.  Under the program one school (visiting school) is paired with another school (host school) in the same or another group.  Activities of school planning and school management like sharing activities related to library, mathematics and science laboratory, cultural activities, organizing debates, quizzes, use of technology in classroom teaching and knowledge. 

 • Other creative matters.  Sharing of innovative activities.  Competitive organization of sports activities between the two schools.  

 Methodology for School Selection: This program will be implemented in 4 Government Higher Primary (Classes 6 to 8) schools selected per cluster.  The school selection process was discussed in the presence of the CRC CO of the cluster, which will be the responsibility of the committee to finalize the list by showing the pairs of the two schools in that cluster / block.   Government school can be affiliated with Government, Gattech, Carey Vidyalaya, Navodaya Vidyalaya and other central government schools or private schools.  For school selection, a meeting has to be held at the taluka level under the chairmanship of the taluka taluka primary education officer.  A new strong committee will have to be formed.  

.  .  4G4G mil 8:45 JA juJa por twinning 20226d ter |  The CRC Coordinator while selecting the member school will have to keep in mind the characteristics of the school activities.  Preference should be given to schools where co-curricular activities like Gyankunj, Bala, Greenschool, use of LBD/NCERT kits, Maths-Vigyan Mandal etc. are running well and effectively in the school.  4 schools have to be selected for each cluster.  * The selected schools will have to be paired with other selected schools of their own cluster block according to the diversity of activities of the two schools.  • Selected schools will receive Rs.  A grant of 1000/- will be available.  A private school can join this program but it will not be eligible for grant i.e. it will have to join the program at its own expense.  Apart from the 4 schools of the cluster, other schools can also voluntarily participate in this program but such schools will not have to be allotted grant for this program.  

 • All the students of class 6 to 8 of the two schools, head teacher and teachers of class 6 to 8 will visit each other's school in two phases.  

 • E.g.  If School A is paired with School B, and School C with School D, School A will visit School B, and School B will visit School A.  Accordingly 'C' and 'D' schools will visit each other.  The visiting school shall start the prayer meeting at the host school and join the activities/programmes as per the daily schedule mentioned herewith for full time

.  • Virtually visit the host school's best activities in their own school!  It has to be organized so that the students of the receiving school can see and understand it and can understand it through discussion/questioning.  On the day of the program, school cleanliness, water conservation, debate, competitions, cultural programs, elocution competitions, decoration competitions etc. will have to be organized so that the students of both the schools can participate.  The students of the visiting school have to write the details of the entire program in their notebooks during the program. 

 • Headmaster, teachers and students of the visiting school shall participate in various school activities/programs organized by the host school and if they wish to learn any activity, the teacher of the host school may visit the other school for one day with the consent of the headmasters of both the schools to provide further guidance and support.  will be able to 

 • Visiting School Headmaster, teachers and students should write their opinion/suggestions about the features of the host school like Gyankunj, Bala, Green School, Laboratory, Library etc. to the Headmaster of the host school.

  • The CRC CO will have to monitor the activities conducted during the program through virtual means and will be able to provide necessary guidance.  Details of Grant Allocation and Expenditure 

Twinning programme year 2022/23 લેટેસ્ટ પરિપત્ર

• Program Rs.  1000/- grant will be allocated.  Various activities on the day of the program will have to be spent from the Sadr Grant for the program.  Transport expenses during the school visit as well as participating and winning students in the said activities can be spent from the grant allocated for Page 4 this.  The private school will have to join at its own expense. 

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