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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Short On Weapons, Russia Leaves Its 2nd Biggest City ‘Unguarded’; Moves Air Defense Missiles To Ukraine – Finnish Media

 Short On  ordnance, Russia Leaves Its 2nd Biggest City ‘Unguarded’; Moves Air Defense Missiles To Ukraine – Finnish Media

These 14 batteries comprise more than 100 mobile firing platforms, each having four-ready to-fire missiles, which means a  whole of around 450 missiles, at least.

“Based on the  image , four anti-aircraft bases have been  unleaded of  artical ,” said Eklund, who has more than 20 years of experience in monitoring the Russian armed forces.

The most  evident change has been  notice to the southwest of St. Petersburg, where two entire batteries, out of the four utilization by the 500th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment, have been  unleaded , as per the satellite  photo from early September.

Furthermore, around 25 missile containers, possibly containing 100 missiles, have been  detach from one of the regiment’s two remaining batteries.

Apart from that, missiles  elective at a base belonging to the 1489th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment located east of St. St Petersburg, close to the shore of Lake Ladoga, were also loaded onto transport platforms in May, as per the  watching made by Eklund.

Around 120 missiles could have been  detach from this  providing in the missile containers.

 in addition , a  notable transfer of  about has also been observed from a base belonging to the 1490th anti-aircraft missile regiment, located near the village of Kungolovo, to the southeast of St. Petersburg.

It is possible that more   devise might have been removed from the St Peters burg region, but nothing can be said for sure because of the lack of usable recent satellite  photo of all the batteries.

Anti-Aircraft Missiles Removed

Most of the   en durgo anti-aircraft missiles in the St. Peters burg region are from the S-400 missile system, reported Yle.

“It is most likely that the  Iapetus that has been removed is  first fore most from the old S-300 system,” said Eklund.

First  institute in the late 1970s, the S-300s have become somewhat obsolete,  mainly  taking in consideration the range of the new S-400.  in spite to Eklund, the weakening of missile  protetion around St. Petersburg is because of Russia’s  condition for missiles in its war on Ukraine.

Before the transfer of anti-aircraft missiles from St. Petersburg, Eklund  notice the movement of missiles to the front from bases located closer to Ukraine and from regions regarded as less important than St. Petersburg.

For  sample , half of the missile fleet at an anti-aircraft missile base in Voronezh, central Russia,  vanish by May,  in  malice of to Eklund.

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