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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

8 th pay commission news

 When will the eighth pay commission come?

 The 8th pay commission is planned to be held in 2024.  It is being said that the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission will bring great relief to the central employees as their salaries may increase drastically.

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 Will be very different from the old Pay Commission

 According to media reports, the eighth pay commission will be very different from all previous pay commissions.  This will be reviewed by a formula other than the fitment factor.  It has been eight years since the 7th Pay Commission.  So this has become a topic of discussion among the employees.  If this happens, lakhs of government employees and pension holders will directly benefit.  At present, the government has clearly stated that no proposal of the 8th pay commission is currently under consideration.

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 Fitment factor may increase

 In the 7th Pay Commission, the fitment factor was kept at 2.7 times.  Based on which the pay scale of central employees was revised.  If we review the figures, the lowest pay increment was given in the 7th Pay Commission.  However, the basic salary was increased to Rs 18,000.  Now the fitment factor can be increased by 3.68 times in the eighth pay commission.  That means employees with minimum wage of 18,000 can get salary of 26,000 and all these salary increments will be based on their performance.  It will benefit the lower level employees more.

 How much salary increase in which pay commission?

 How much salary increased in the fourth pay commission

 Salary increase: 27.6%

 Minimum Pay Scale: Rs.  750

 How much has the salary of the 5th Pay Commission increased?

 Salary Increase: 31%

 Minimum Pay Scale: Rs.  2,550

 6th Pay Commission How Much Salary Hike (Fitment Factor)

 Fitment factor: 1.86 times

 Salary Increase: 54%

 Minimum Pay Scale: Rs.  7,000

8th pay commission લેટેસ્ટ અપડેટ સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતી માં

 How much will the 7th pay commission salary increase?  (fitment factor)

 Fitment factor: 2.57 times

 Salary Increase: 14.29%

 Minimum Pay Scale: Rs.  18,000

 How much will the 8th pay commission salary increase?  (fitment factor)

 Fitment factor: 3.68 times possible

 Increase: 44.44%

 Minimum Pay Scale: Rs 26000

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