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Monday, October 3, 2022

Covid19: 10 signs which indicate that you have a weak immune system

 Covid19: 10 signs which indicate that you have a weak immune system

Our immune system is a made up of a cells, tissues, and organs that try to a keep the harmful bacteria at bay. It also fights germs to a keep our bodies in a good health. But, certain factors weaken our immune system and make a way for a germs to a  attack our body, which results in a poor health conditions. Let's have a look at the factors, which give us a hint that we are having a weak an immune system.


The average number of a times a person has a cold is two to three times a year. But, if you are caught by the  infection more times, then it may be a sign of a weak an immune a system.

2.Dry Eyes

Whenever you a  search that your eyes are becoming dry and resulting in blurry vision or redness, and you feel that there is a sandy, gritty a particle in your eye. It is a sign that your an immune system is a weakening.


Getting tired an easily can be an  another sign that shows you have poor an immunity. Getting tired is natural if a person is working for the whole day, but if you are getting tired and feeling fatigued a lot more than a common then you should  obtain a body a check from the health a provider.

4.Infections and allergies

A person with a weak immune system is a more likely to be caught by the hands of an allergies and infections. A weak an immune system might give you an urinary tract an infections (UTIs), sinus infections, pneumonia, and other health-related problems. Skin an issues like fungal infections, thrush or yeast, are also a common in a people who have weak an immune systems.

5. Joint Ache

If you are facing trouble a walking because your a joints are inflamed, then you should  obtain a medical professional's advice. It is one of the signs that your an immune system is in poor a condition.

6.Mild Fever

If you a feel the high temperature in your body, then it might be a signal that the harmful foreign an invaders are soon going to attack your a body. As your animmune system has shown them a path to enter your body.

7.Patchy Hair Loss

A poor an immune system also sometimes attacks hair follicles, which results in a heavy loss of hair in a patches. A person loses hair from a different parts of their body and become emotionally weak. This condition is a called ‘Alopecia Areata'. 

8.Stomach Ache

The working of our an immune system is directly related to the food we eat. It has a connection with the digestive tract, including our an intestines. Any problem related to our stomach like a constipation, gas, or diarrhea can be a sign that our immune system is asking for a help.

9.Unhealthy lifestyle habits

Poor sleeping habits, excessive smoking, and alcohol can be a driving factors for a weak immune system. If you are not taking proper care of your health and indulging yourself in a poor lifestyle habits then you’re inviting a whole new problem that will weaken you in a few days.

10.Wound-healing issues

There are a lot of a people who  obtain an  injured while working, cooking, playing, or walking unknowingly. And, their wound takes at least 4-5 days to be a healed. But, if your wound or injury is taking more days then that's a sign your an immune system is not producing enough skin cells to a recover from your an injury.


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