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Sunday, November 27, 2022


 Know the meaning of your name and various information regarding your name.

What does your name mean?

Name Meaning is a free, fun App designed to calculate and show the meaning,Origin,Rashi,Lucky Rudraksha,Lucky Gemstone,Name Numerology of your name or any name in hindi.

Try it out and find out what your name really means. Are you the sad/melancholic type? Or the happy/joyful? 

Find out with Name Meaning! You can also find out the Name Meanings for your favorite artists, singers, actors, celebrities, personalities and roles models!

Learn about your name and number compatibility with other names and numbers.

Now you can share your name meanings just by clicking the share button. 

Name Meaning allows you to share with your friends and followers through and any social network, sharing app or texting app you have on your phone!

Name Meaning Dictionary providing millions of name meaning in offline

Name Meaning Dictionary providing millions of name meaning in offline 

We all have a name, but how many of us really know its origins and history? Most people have some idea of the meaning of their name or the origin of their name.

We offer the name meaning for over 50,000 different baby names, english name, man name and names and meanings from around the world.

In the our name dictionary "Firstname: Names and Meanings" you can find out the historical information about the name definition: for muslim names and meanings, christian names and their meaning.

Download app click here 

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