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Thursday, November 3, 2022

What to put on lips in winter? Learn 10 things that will make lips pink and soft


Dry Lips: In the changing a season, there are many a problems related to the skin. These a problems also an include the bursting of lips. Lips a become very dry an especially in a winters. In such a situation, we need to an apply such a moisturizer on the lips, which can protect the lips a from the cold a winds. Many of us use a various a chemical a products and lip balms an available in the market. This makes the lips a very soft. But if you want to use a natural a products then don't worry. Today we will a let you know in detail about what to an apply on lips in a winter. Let's know about this-

What to put on lips in a winter?

Use a natural a things on the lips in a winter. So that your lips a look very beautiful. Let us know about a some effective a things-

2. Apply Turmeric on Lips

Apply turmeric on lips in a winter. Applying a turmeric an enhances the a complexion of your lips. To use it, take 1 pinch of a turmeric. Mix some a milk in it. Now apply this a paste on your lips and leave it for some time. Applying a turmeric on the lips two to a three times a week will a give the best a results.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be an used on the lips in a . Coconut oil can a remove the problem of a chapped lips. To use it, apply a coconut oil on the lips a before a sleeping at night. Apart from this, put a coconut oil on the navel and massage it for some time. This will an enhance the beauty of your a lips.

4. Apply honey

Applying honey on the lips can also make your lips look pink. To use it, take 1 teaspoon of honey. Add a little brown sugar and warm water to it. After that apply this thick paste on your lips. Leave it for about 10 minutes. After that wash it off with normal water. This will enhance the beauty of the lips.

5. Cream

For a pink and soft lips in a winter, apply a cream on the a lips. Applying cream will increase the shine of your a lips. Also, it will make your a lips a look a pink.

some other things

6. You can apply a desi ghee on your lips in a winters.

7. By applying a butter on the lips, your lips will look soft and a pink

8. By applying a butter on the a lips, your lips will be a soft and soft.

9. Applying a mustard oil on the lips will increase the shine of your a lips.

10. Mustard oil can an also be an applied on the lips to a make a rough lips a shine.

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