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Sunday, January 1, 2023

Whatsapp avatar||New update of whatsapp

 New Avatars Stickers For whatsapp to add and use in your conversations

The newest and best stickers for WhatsApp : Support WAStickerApps.

The Avatars sticker store for WhatsApp has the best compilation of WhatsApp stickers. Just download an app to get all the stickers for WhatsApp.

Almost these packs looks like animated stickers for WhatsApp but it is not, we ensure that there is no animated  stickers in our App.

Use the Avatars Sticker app in order to add your favorite and customized stickers for WhatsApp. You can also share sticker package straight away with friends.

Use Avatars Stickers For Whatsapp freely:

Start by opening the app, and click on add to whatsapp to chat. 

After adding the sticker, you will see a detailed preview. If you like the sticker pack, please click the Add to WhatsApp button.

Open WhatsApp, go to Stickers, and click the new icon of the added WhatsApp sticker pack.

Click on any WhatsApp sticker to send in the

how to make whatsapp avatar? Follow this Steps

1: Open WhatsApp app on your iOS or Android phone.
2: Open the chat and tap on the stickers in the message box. On Android, there's a Stickers option in the Emoji tab next to GIFs.
3: In the Avatar Creator Toolbox, start creating your avatar. Choose your skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, face shape, outfit and other features.
4: You can also try copying your facial features to your avatar. Just tap on the Mirror icon available on the right side of the screen. The icon will turn on the front camera and a small box will open in which you can see yourself.
5: You can also add bindi to your avatar to add desi effect to your features.
6: After adding all the features, tap on Done and WhatsApp will create your avatar for a personalized messaging experience.

See This Video 👇👇👇

how to send whatsapp avatar stickers

1: Open any WhatsApp chat and click on the stickers icon. You will get personalized stickers of your avatar including love, reaction, sad lifestyle and much more.

2: Scroll to and find the avatar you want to send in the chat.

3: Tap on the avatar and it will be sent to your contact.

4: You can also save your favorite avatar stickers for quick access.

5: If you want to edit your avatar, you can do so anytime by tapping on the pen icon. You can change the outfit, makeup or style of your avatar however you like.

how to set avatar as whatsapp profile picture

  • You can also put your avatar in your WhatsApp profile photo. Add Avatar-
  • After creating your avatar, go to WhatsApp Settings.
  • Open your profile photo and tap on Edit.
  • In the Edit section, tap Use Avatar, and then select the avatar face you want to have as your profile photo.
  • Choose a background color and tap Done.

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