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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Know How Many simcards connected to your IDS||

 What does a virtual number or virtual SIM mean?

A Virtual number is a real phone number without a physical SIM card, it can be used for sending/receiving calls and SMS, and you can share with your friends and customers and use it at any time and anywhere. With Numero you can get virtual SIM from 80 countries worldwide and manage them all on the same cell phone. The USA virtual SIM is the same as any other virtual phone number, you can get it by buying it directly from the app or getting it for Free by collecting coins from the Free Coins Center.

Local calling plans for even more savings!
Numero offers a new feature for those who are heavy on international calls for business or even personal use. With these plans, you can make calls at local rates!
Local calling plans are available for 20+ countries with the ability to get the plans as a subscription or purchase them as consumable credit plans.

Numero for personal life:
• Share a 2nd phone number with strangers instead of your real number.
• Use the USA number as a phone number for WhatsApp, chat apps, or online shopping.
• Get a free number for WhatsApp (USA number) by collecting coins from the Free Coins Center in the app.
• Take advantage of the voicemail service or call forwarding on the second line in case of busy or no internet connection.
• Take advantage of the service of showing the private number to make a private call.

Numero eSIM for Business:
• Use the international virtual number as a second phone number to give your business a global presence, and separate your personal life from the business.
• Use the international virtual SIM to make commercial deals with your international customers and let them call you at local prices.
• Toll-free numbers for your customer support.

How to Know the Number of SIMs on your Name?

  1. To find the Number of SIMs registered on your Names, the You should visit the Official TAFCOP Portal
  2. On the TAP- COP Home Page, the You should enter their 10 digits Mobile Number and click on the Request OTP button.
  3. Next, the You should enter the OTP and validate the OTP by hitting the Validate button.
  4. After validating the OTP, the You will get the List of Mobile Numbers which are registered on your IDs and Name.

If you have more than one Number registered on your Aadhar Number, You can select the Mobile number and track the Report. Or else, block the SIM Card.

Important Link

Know No. Of SIMS on your IDs (

The TAF COP Portal has been developed to help subscribers, check the number of mobile connections working in their name, and take necessary action for regularising their additional mobile connections if 

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