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Tuesday, March 28, 2023



AIS is comprehensive view of taxpayer information displayed in Form 26AS.

AIS App is a free mobile application, provided by the Income Tax Department, Government of India. The app is meant to provide a comprehensive view of the Annual Information Statement (AIS), which is a collection of various information pertaining to a taxpayer. Taxpayer can provide feedback on information displayed in AIS.

 The AIS information is also accessible through the AIS web portal. There is consistency between the data displayed on the mobile app and the web portal. So, the data being displayed on the app and the portal, will be same. Further, a feedback provided on either interface will automatically become visible on the other interface.

The app is simple to use for the convenience of taxpayers of all classes and age.

 Features of AIS are:

•General Information- Taxpayer can view their details (Name and PAN) on the Mobile Home Screen.

•AIS Tile- User can view Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS) and Annual Information Statement (AIS) within this tile.

•Feedback- Taxpayer can provide feedback on the active information displayed under TDS/TCS Information, SFT Information or Other information parts .

•Activity History Tab- User can check list of activities performed by taxpayer through this tab.

•Download AIS- Taxpayer can download AIS information, provided feedback, consolidated feedback in PDF format.

Download application click here 

•IVA- Chatbot provides answer to the queries raised by taxpayers.

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