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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Vaccsine reminder for baby app


Parenting tips, Baby health tips, Baby care tips, Baby Vaccination Chart India

"90% of the human brain development happens in 0-8 years, yet only 50% of kids develop to their full potential."-UNICEF

“Must-have parenting app for every new parent for babycare below 8 years”
Parentlane is the top rated parenting & baby care app that has helped lakhs of women & families in India. Download the app now to get everything you need as a parent: personalised insights on baby health, baby nutrition, baby vaccination chart, baby daily trackers, baby milestones, baby food recipes, baby development week by week, positive parenting, expert parenting advice from fellow moms, doctors & more.

Moms Love Our App For Best Parenting & Baby Care Features
● Consult with Experienced Paediatricians in India Online
● Growth Check- First holistic baby development tracker with complete analysis on baby health & development and Get parenting tips
● Newborn baby growth progress report, early detection of baby development delays for babycare & parenting
● NutriCheck- Feeding tracker, benefits to developmental areas(eyes, brain etc)for simple parenting
● Parenting tips by experts on baby care, baby health & baby development week by week
● Baby Vaccination chart, reminders & due alerts for newborn baby
● Track newborn baby milestones, alerts on delays for easy parenting
● 1000+ Activities for all baby developmental areas for baby growth
● 10000+ nutritious baby food recipes for baby development
● Discuss with experts & parents on baby health & baby care tips from parenting experience
● First digital profile of newborn baby to save & share baby pics with friends
● Add spouse & family to participate in parenting
● Ask & answer queries on community on babyroyale care & parenting
● Videos on parenting, baby care & baby health
● Talk in native language with moms about baby health & parenting

Why Parentlane is a must have parenting app for tracking baby health
● Track baby development & baby health for perfect parenting
GrowthCheck is Baby Development Tracker for newborn baby development for easy parenting.
- Learning skill
- Gross motor skill
- Fine motor skill
- Social & emotional skill
- Speech & language
- Newborn baby health
●Track baby breastfeeding for babycare
NutriCheck is tracker for newborn baby nutrition goal for simple parenting.
- Baby breastfeeding
- Baby bottle feeding
- Baby solid foods
●Parenting tips
- Baby care
- Baby health
- Baby food recipes
- Baby food charts
- Baby poop
- Baby safety
- Baby development
- Baby sleep
- Activities for kids
- Premature baby
- Newborn
- Vaccination
- Home Remedies
- Breastfeeding
- Positive Parenting

વેક્સિન રીમાઈન્ડ એપ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

બાળકને કંઈ કંઈ તારીખે ક્યું વેક્સિન આવશે તે માત્ર જન્મ તારીખ નાખી જોવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Also, there are separate sections to Vaccine Updates for Healthcare Professionals and Parents.
For Vaccine Reminder, registration is required

●Answers from parenting experience & experts within minutes
Post queries,get quick answers on parenting & babycare,help others on:
- Breastfeeding
- Baby care
- Baby poop
- Baby health
- Baby food
- Post pregnancy
- Dad’s role
- Baby names
- First time moms
- Premature baby
- Stress & depression
- Periods & sexual health
●Track developmental milestones for best parenting
Monitor baby milestones from Day1 of newborn babycare & check developmental baby milestones are fast-track, on-track or delayed.
●Daily baby tracker for perfect babycare & parenting
Record baby routine for easy parenting.
- Sleep tracker
- Diaper tracker
- Medicine reminder
- Bath tracker
- Temperature tracker
- Breastfeeding tracker
- Bottle feeding tracker
- Solid food tracker
●10 languages available
Talk in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi or Odia with moms on babycare & parenting tips.
●Healthy baby food recipes
Baby food recipes for baby health making parenting for newborn baby

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