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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

World richest village in Gujarat


World richest village in Gujarat

World richest village in Gujarat: In this country we talk and hear about many rich people and villages. Many rich people live in India. Also, have you ever known which is the richest village in your Gujarat? And what are its residents doing? And since when was this village prosperous? Read the information below to answer many of these questions.

World richest village in Gujarat

World’s richest village in Gujarat – Know
If we talk about this village of Gujarat, Madhapar village located in Kutch district of Gujarat is considered to be one of the richest villages in the world. The people of this village have deposited around Rs 5000 in the bank, hence there are 13 banks in this small village.

This village is famous since which year?
Richest Village In Gujarat, situated just 3 km from Bhuj, the capital of Kutch district of Gujarat, this village is flourishing not today but since 1934. In 1934, when the then big primary school was built in this village, people from outside the village used to come to see it. When the village was damaged in the 2001 earthquake, all the students studying at that time rebuilt the old school. Today the people of this village alone have deposits of more than Rs 5,000 crore in the village banks.

5,000 crore deposited in bank
It is said that the village has been quite prosperous for the last 5 decades. People used to deposit money in the post office in 1975, at that time Madhapar alone had the highest amount of deposits among all the post offices of Gujarat and that amount was more than Rs 500 crore. And today in 2023, there are like 13 banks in the village and the amount deposited in these banks is more than Rs 5000 crore. Also, mutual funds and stock markets will also be different.

How did this village become prosperous?
The youth of Leua Patel community family of the village have come to USA, UK, Africa, Dubai, Canada and settled in different countries, earn money and start sending money back to the village.

There are 13 banks in this village
In this small village of Madhapar, people used to deposit money in the post office and after the 1990s, when banks started appearing, money from abroad started being sent directly to the banks. Today, a total of 13 banks including major private and public banks are located in this village. Now the villagers are investing in the stock market and also in mutual funds through the existing investment method.

This village has all the facilities
Madhapar village has become a huge village with a population of ten thousand. After the earthquake many people settled in Madhapar village. Today the village has all the proper facilities including modern stables, sports academy, temple, test dam, school. Most of the people are engaged in agriculture. Madhapar Village Association has also been established in London to help the village economically, socially etc.

There is a monument to Virang in this village
In 1971, there was a war between India and Pakistan and India won. When Pakistan attacked and damaged the runway in Bhuj, the women of Madhapar village helped the Air Force in building the runway. Ajay Devgan and Sonakshi Sinha’s film ‘Bhuj: Pride of India’ was also shot on it. This village with ultra-modern facilities is known as the richest village in India and the world.

How much does each person have?
Madhapar village in Kutch district of Gujarat is one of the richest villages in the world in terms of bank deposits. There are 13 banks in Madhapar village, which has 7,600 houses. You will be surprised to know that 92,000 people have deposits of Rs 5000 crore in such banks. Madhapar is one of the 18 villages settled by the Egyptians in Kutch. A typical per capita deposit in a rural financial institution is around Rs 15 lakh.

Madhapar Village Facilities
All Madhapar Village Center Kutch Enterprise account holders of those banks live in UK, USA, Canada and many different parts of the world. This is an example of how being connected to one’s place of origin and somehow forgetting it can make a big difference. Apart from 13 banks, Madhapar village also has schools, colleges, lakes, greenery, dams, fitness facilities and temples. There is also an existing cow shed in the village. Now the question is, why is Madhapar village so unusual compared to the traditional villages of India?

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