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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

New scan formate ekam kasoti October2020 month timetable

   ekam kasoti October2020 month timetable

                         GCERT Gandhinagar is adopting various techniques to take care of the study of children during the current Corona epidemic so that the education of the children is improved and parents can ensure the education of the children during the Corona epidemic when schools are closed for last nine months. Every month unit test i.e. periodic assessment test is conducted by gcert. This unit test has 25 marks in which it is multiplied according to the monthly syllabus. 
                              This step has been proved very effective for children by GCRT If the subject is tested then the evaluation of the syllabus is done immediately which makes it very useful in the annual examination. This unit is based on test activity in which there are various reasoning based questions as well as moderate standard so that the child is more Arrangements have been made to prepare for the test and write it at school or at home. As there is no situation where a child can come to school at present, the assessment may be appropriate for the age as well as the children. 

                   And in the month of September, in every medium of every primary school, a periodic assessment test was conducted for the students of Std. 6 to 8. Especially in the month of October, this unit test will be organized. In the month of October, Std. 3 and 4 will have to take a test about environment. Std. 5 will have to take a test about environment and mathematics and in Std. The test is to be organized and after the completion of all these tests, the primary teachers will be instructed to make it easy for the primary teachers to reach the students by hard copy or softcopy by 26 10 2020 on the GCERT website 26 10 2020 The periodical assessment test papers will also be uploaded on the day so that the students can download and write their own question papers to suit their time or else The teacher has to download this question paper through WhatsApp or in person at their home and deliver it to you at a time when the unit tests have been written and then take it back. 

                        The development plan that is written and especially written under the supervision of the guardian should be seen to reach the student's guardian by the teacher. All these unit tests should be arranged to reach the schools through

 the guardian by 10-2020. Special instructions are given to write as many correct answers as possible and reach the teacher about the school in time as unit tests will be evaluated after a certain period of time. Each question has to be graded separately and according to GCERT's new system. Now the writing of Question Wise Marks has to be done in unit test. Every question Wise Marks is arranged through a good data app. 

                 The process of scanning the marks of the students has to be done very meticulously. It is very important that the unit tests are written and signed by the students and returned quickly. 
The use of Sir Data app has been made mandatory for teachers from this year. It is easy to use only after the entry of the marks of the complete students. For this, even if there is any technical problem, its number is given which you can contact to solve the problems for the data application.

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