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Saturday, December 12, 2020





Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan from Gandhinagar to all the University Government Department Principals and Non-Government Granted Colleges through the branch of Scholarships located by the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education of the Government of Gujarat instruct the students of the University to avail digital scholarships for availing higher education scholarships. The port has been told to use more and more

 Scholarships are given by the Government to the students of the State Universities so that they can excel in their higher education and get better education. It has been decided to implement the scholarship as per the resolution of the Government as per the basis of their seats and the annual income of the student's guardian.

As mentioned in Thara, various types of scholarship schemes for students in non-government colleges and government colleges and for students studying for doctorate in different universities as well as to avail the full benefits of this scholarship scheme. Located is used by every government school or college in the state, whether it is a faculty or a university. Scholarships are paid to the students only through this portal. The last date has been fixed for 5 1 2021. The necessary guidelines for the students to avail the benefits of this scheme are officially posted on the website of the University as well as on the website of Digital Gujarat Portal which can be used and widely disseminated to other students The information has been provided by the Government's Higher Education Office

 Yes, any kind of offline application is not accepted in the office or the application is not accepted through any kind of paperwork. The responsibility lies with the University as well as the College applicable to it

Scholarship scheme is because the students from poor families drop out of their studies due to lack of money. In the meantime, the flow is diverted so that it is not used even though it has the ability so that such bright student cannot use his power in public. With the financial review of the year in the budget for the students especially the increase in the scholarship rate also increases their hostel costs with various other schemes trying to reach the students with the students taking advantage of these schemes in large numbers and reaching higher level these students also help others later on.

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 In order to make the benefits of the scheme accessible to deserving students, the government has also extended the date for making such applications online during the Corona epidemic so that it can be publicized more and more. It is the responsibility of the management of the college to ensure that this information reaches more and more students as well as the management of the university through mobile or It will continue to strive to take advantage of this message to the students through the Internet.





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