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Saturday, December 12, 2020

new guideline about school tablte software instalation

new guideline about school tablte software instalation                       

   Various operations are being carried out by the Gujarat Government Education Department. All the procedures in the department are now going to be done online. The process of online entry of various programs has now become mandatory in every work as It is being done on Gujarat portal. 

                  In addition, the online attendance of children in every classroom has to be filled through this app. In this case, the primary teacher of a classroom does not have a smartphone or even has a smartphone but does not have internet facility. The responsibility of making sure that it is completed before 12 noon now falls on the school principal as well as all the teachers of the school as per the order of the education department. The education department was already very worried about this And as an alternative to the difficulties faced by teacher friends, they started giving internet grants to primary schools and With the installation of Gyan Kunj Kunj One and Fuse Two in primary schools,

Paripatr download click here

Mobile device manegment guidelines pdf download click here

                special internet grants have been given to the backward areas with the help of internet. Although the process of online attendance of primary teachers is being carried out on SSC Gujarat portal, the Government of Gujarat understands the problems of primary teachers and has provided a tablet in every primary school which can be administered online by the Government of India to the principals of every primary school in the state. Therefore, a tablet has been provided with the facility of internet as well as educational software installation which can be used by the principal in various educational processes. For this, a schedule has also been allotted as per the specific process of educational software installation.

          .The tablet has been allotted. The tablet also has some nice administrative software installed. To install, each primary school at the block level has to follow the following steps in a cluster. And deo will also be given proper training so that they can narrate all the information regarding the use of table software by the teachers of each primary school.

 The CRC has some important things to keep in mind when returning every primary school tablet

 The battery in the tablet should be properly charged. Special care should be taken while taking it back

 If a password has been reset or a pattern has been sent, remove it and take the tablet.

 If a teacher does not come to remove the pattern, write the password cadre from the paper.

 Since all the primary school tablets are the same, write the school dice code on the back of the tablet so that the tablet does not change.

 The following matters should be taken care of at the taluka level

 Mandatory software installation of one tablet daily

  A computer with windows 10 ch should look special when installing

 It is not necessary to call all the principals of the school at the taluka level to instruct the CRC to collect the tablets as per the group. So give it back on the third day







Send specific details for installation planning in day two

Special care should be taken to strictly follow the instructions of Covid 19

 If there is any problem during installation, the problem can be solved by contacting the district mis

 All these activities will have to be monitored from the district office


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