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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

ekam kasoti aayojan december 2020

 ekam kasoti december 2020 aayojan

At present children from all over Gujarat are studying from home like the epidemic of covid 19. The education department is also educating the children through various mediums as well as primary teachers are making various efforts so that the children in the villages are not deprived of education. A unit test is conducted once in every month so that the children stay updated with their studies. Recently Gujarat Educational Research and Training Council Gandhinagar has directed all the District Primary Education Officers to convey this message to the teachers. Then his letter has been sent here in detail

 During the year 2020, various unit tests were conducted in every medium school of every primary school in Std. 6th to 8th standard in the primary schools so that home learning children can be properly assessed during the epidemic of covid 19. The unit tests were given to the children by the primary teachers. The primary teachers distributed the paper as well as the unit test book at the children's homes. After the child wrote the test, the unit went home and was celebrated by the unit test teacher. How to do it online and also update it on simple data app. Under the new experiment of education department, the medium of data app has now been introduced in which the marks of each unit test are put nicely and scanned so that there is enough data. And a meritocracy can be organized based on that

 It has been instructed that all the primary schools should take care of some of the following matters in the unit test which is to be held today as usual this time in the month of December itself.

 In December, unit test of mathematics subject as well as unit test of Gujarati subject will be organized in standard 6 to 8.

 These various unit tests will be held on 30 12 2020 as well as during 31 12 2020. By 29 12 2020 students will be able to reach their unit test books at home as well as deliver softcopy hard copy test papers. Primary school teachers have been instructed not to call any child to school this time as every time or to arrange for their parents to come to the school and collect the unit test at the same time.

 The unit test papers of all the media will be updated on the official website of GCERT on 29th 2020 as well as especially the Gujarati medium tests which can be obtained from the QR codes given within the index of the textbook of that subject.

 All these tests have to be conducted for the convenience of the students and parents as these unit tests are not to be taken in the presence of the teacher. Guidance only is given and this unit test is to be written. Under the supervision of the guardian, this unit test is expected to be written by the child as it is expected by the education department. The main objective of these tests is that the child can progress even while staying at home. It is also meant to inform the teacher so that the aim of Home Learning like the government is to get the government as well as conclude in the coming days how to educate the children through other means. Test Answer Dates 6 1 By 2021, all primary teachers will have to check and prepare the result

down load paripatr and abhyaskram

 The primary schools in which the Christmas vacation is specially announced 

may change the date of the test as per their convenience and as per the SMC convenience. Various unit tests will be prepared keeping in view the learning outcome along with its syllabus here. Has been sent

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