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Thursday, December 17, 2020

september data entry saral data app scan start

               september data entry saral data app scan start

      The Department of School Education, Gandhinagar is currently enlisting the help of various mediums for the study of students as the educational work in schools all over India including Gujarat is closed due to the Koro epidemic. However, the schools are closed for the last nine months. No cure for Corona epidemic yet found in India Various cases of Corona outbreak are increasing day by day across the country. 

                      Opening schools is a challenge for the government. Many states tried to open schools after a long time. Children came to schools for a few days but Corona became infected. The decision has been taken to close the schools immediately until a specific cure is found. The decision has affected the children enough but the government has certain guidelines that the child should not be harmed properly. The government is also using various digital learning mediums to enable them to continue learning as well.

 Under the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat, subject programs are published on DD Girnar standard time so that the student parents can watch the learning videos on their own at home and study on time as well as organize higher level standard such as subject wise virtual class in Std. 9 to 12. But it has been done by the education department of the government so that it is difficult for the students of the standard to get a definite knowledge of all the subjects with the right subject matter.

                     For the last two years, the Education Department of the Government of Gujarat has been planning to conduct a unit test of children every fortnight or month in schools. 25 marks are kept. This periodical assessment test paper is sent to every primary school by email through GCERT as specific. When the test first started, the paper was written as it came but now a separate booklet has been issued by the education department. Each unit is different. According to the new system, the unit test booklet has been made very nice. It also has enough space for the child to do the remedial work. The teacher can also check the unit test and then evaluate it properly. A specific column has also been provided for the teacher to check the child's latest and get the parent's signature on the child's unit test.

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 Due to the current Corona epidemic, students are given a unit test along with the subject paper at home. The student will write the answer to this paper in the unit test book within a certain date. The booklet is then collected by the teacher and evaluated impartially. According to the new procedure, its online entry unit has given a special type of table in the test booklet in which the entry of marks as per question no. Curry and data are saved. Using a simple data app to collect marks has become very effective and easy for teachers as well as for the education department. If there is any student left in the scanning process, it will be known immediately.

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