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Friday, December 18, 2020

school level -fariyad nivaran register and toll free number

fariyad register nibhavava babate paripatr

 Gujarat Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has instructed all District Project Coordinators, District Primary Education Officers as well as Govt. Has come

 According to further information, it has been stated that school management committee is organized at school level. It is very important to get timely disposal of complaints received at school level as well as school management committee. It is very important to keep a record of the information given along with the answer at the school level. It is also very important to maintain the foundation. It is noted as the best practice prepared by the Government of India for redressal. Grievance Redressal School Management Committee CRC Co-ordinator BRC Co-ordinator Beat Inspector Education Inspector District Diet Lecturer All these grievance redressal registers or toll free numbers have been kept at school level. Arrangements have now become necessary. Separate arrangements have been made for redressal of grievances from the state level to the school level.

  It has become very necessary to have various details sought from RTI at school level as well as at the taluka head office from time to time but it has become necessary to set up a mandatory monitoring system to ensure that the record information is not available when required.

 Procedure for filing grievance redressal register at school level

 A complaint register has been maintained at the school level to register the complaint as well as to note the timely disposal of the complaint.

 A grievance register has been maintained in every school and if it has been filled or not received then the school level will have to keep a 500 page grievance register from the school gond in your own way i.e. the principal has to purchase it himself.

 The grievance register form of the school management committee is also given here for noting the grievance redressal and monitoring for writing the grievance.

 Part-I is the complaint received by the School and School Management Committee and Part-II is kept for the details of monitoring whether the complaint has been settled.

 It is also very important to maintain a complaint register for various issues arising at the village level. From time to time information is sought through various types of RTIs.

 Guidelines again at the district level Guidelines are to be maintained at the district level as well as at the district level.

 To maintain the grievance register, to register the grievance as well as to dispose of the grievance, the rotation batcher responsibility as decided at the project coordinator level should be given to the designated employees.

 Appropriate arrangements have to be made for the promotion of toll free number at the district level

 The CRC BRC Monitoring App will cover relevant aspects when information is requested in a school visit

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Various records are kept at schjool level such as General Register SMC Various files Visit Register Deadstock Accounts File Library Register These are all important registers that are definitely maintained at school level. So that all these forms have to be shown when an officer visits the school and all these files have to be shown.

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