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Saturday, December 19, 2020


                  ABOUT  -MUCORMICOSIS

Mew Core Mycoses More Dangerous Than Corona Revealed Large Revealed Patients With Myucoremicoses Also Killed In One Week Of Young Milk Fungus The disease is 50% in Gujarat after corona mucormycosis disease has caused outcry in Gujarat. The disease is now on the rise in Gujarat. Patients are being seen in many big cities of Gujarat. "People are experimenting with sniffing more and more snakes to avoid corona, but taking too much sniffing spreads the fungus to the nose," said Park Rana, an eye expert.

 There is a situation where the patient may even lose his eye

 The doctor said that there were two to four cases of mucormycosis every year in many villages, but in the last two months, the number of cases has increased many times. The health goes first to the eyes and then to the brain. The fungus also robs a person's eyes. And if it reaches the brain, it becomes very difficult even for the doctors to save their lives. As many as 26 cases have come to light in Gujarat so far. 50% of the people have died in it. According to the doctors, the eyes cannot be digested.

 Before the patient realizes what has happened to him, he will die

 According to the doctor, the disease is such that the patient loses his eyesight and dies before the patient realizes that it has happened to him. The fungus especially needs glucose to eat. To fight the heat, the patient has a very low email id, so the broadcast weather is more like crying. The steroids in the corona are proving to be more for patients who have lost a lot of sugar due to steroids. The patient dies before the doctor treats Gir. Earlier there were no new cases in urban areas but now the patient is coming but it is too late. Doctors also need to study the disease further.

 A big revelation has been made by a doctor about what people don't take

 People of Corona use hot water every day to keep them away and take advantage. Doctors also advised people to take timely destruction as per the doctor's advice. In mucormycosis, there is a risk of nasal congestion. Possible skin burns make it easier for bacterial fungi to move from one place to another and cause a disease called mucormycosis.

 Mucormycosis is an even more serious disease than corona

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 In the last one year, the disease has spread all over the world, taking the whole of India hostage. Now mucormycosis is proving to be even more dangerous than that. If this fungus spreads in the nose, it becomes very difficult for the patient to survive. 

Mucormicosis new guidelines download

Only one doctor can operate on one patient in a day. DJ does not take the patient to the operating theater immediately. No, it feels like blurred vision at home. It is imperative to consult a doctor immediately. It has also been observed many times that if the patient comes for treatment in 24k ૪૮ hours, his eyes can reach for sure.

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