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Saturday, December 19, 2020



                 Debit cards and credit cards are used by every customer nowadays, up to 90% of all payments, small or large payments, but the use of debit cards or credit cards has become commonplace. Almost all banks, whether nationalized or private Now it is also offering credit card facility to the customers. The credit card also offers credit up to a certain limit from which the customers can make their purchases using that rupee and also gives a limit of return to the bank which also gives a time limit of 30 to 5 days. Within this limit, the customer has to repay to the bank what he has used from the rupee credit. All the banks also give some important casebacks to the customers on using the credit card. Out of these, State Bank of India also gives the benefit of this case bag to the customer. 

             As more and more people are using it, the features of credit cards are getting more and more popular day by day as it is very expensive for consumers to get a credit card five years ago. But now all the banks offer credit card facility to their customers almost free of annual charge so that customers can wait without credit card. Now customers can pay for contact articles even without PIN password. With the help of credit card you can avail many facilities like phone recharge light bill. Payment Shopping at restaurant malls etc. You can also shop at a small merchant shop You can pay the fee There are certain charges applicable so that the credit card is more favorable to the customer than the debit card and there are no limits. Now the Reserve Bank of India is going to change some of the rules of debit card and credit card on consumer usage from January 1. 

                   The card said that instead of Rs 5,000, a contact list payment of Rs 2,000 could be made but from now on, a contactless payment of Rs 5,000 can be made so that Customers will have to save more on their credit card now because if a customer loses their credit card, they can make a one-time contact payment of 2000 contacts and those who have received the card can use it so that customers can save more on their credit card. While customers often do not realize how many charges are applicable on total payment so the customer should also pay special attention to the fact that some payment charges have to be paid on total purchase. 

                  Debit card is being used more and more now The bank also has some limitations on the transaction such as you can do certain transactions for free in a month then you have to pay the transaction charge on it. Using the debit card is a good precaution as it has a password protected so that even if it is lost at a time. It has the facility to immediately inform the bank and take the ticket and block the card when it is lost in the credit card or immediately before the customer closes due to the contact payment facility. There is a possibility of 5000 one time departures. 

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               Now the Reserve Bank of India also offers the facility of application from all the banks so that the customers can easily process the transaction through the application without going to the bank. Through the application you can transfer unlimited money from one place to another. There are also different types of bills that can be paid from the application itself. It also shows the passbook so that you can see all the transactions of the last transferred rupee in this passbook. You can create and download a PDF of which you do not have to go to the bank so whether it is nationalized banks or private banks all now offer such an application for the convenience of the customers.

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