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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Online quiz for std 7 & 8 students


             Water resources in India are very high in some places while in some places there are so many water sources that it is difficult for people to get enough drinking water. There are also huge water dams in India. If water sources are used properly, people can get water for a long time. But if water is wasted there can be a lot of problems. Water can be used for the general public in many ways. If we use drinking water properly, it can be used for a long time. We see that water is wasted a lot in many places. Therefore, various efforts are being made by the Water Department of the Government to inculcate in the people the sacrament of saving water directly or indirectly in many ways from an early age. Save Water Essay Competition Drawing competition on the topic of Save Water is conducted by various companies

                    All the primary schools in the district also hold direct competitions every year to inculcate the habit of water conservation in the children in which all the children are also compulsorily participating. The crisis is much greater than the population of India. Central Water Lever Academy is located in Pune. In order to create awareness among the people about this water, they have organized a competition on the topic of water for the children of all the primary schools in the state on 10 January 2021. And it will also be online for children to participate. 

                  Children will have to go through the registration process to participate. It is very important for the teachers to try to get more and more primary school children in the state to participate and become more and more aware about water. The water used in the plant is found in all the plants and the sacraments that we irrigate them in sufficient quantity will be available to them for a long time. It is very important to participate in the quiz competition. 

                  Various NGOs are organizing new painting competitions, quiz competitions, sports competitions to inculcate the culture in the children. From now on children will take part in this type of quiz and prepare their next generation about water. If the sacrament of saving water is irrigated, they grow up and they teach even the youngest to save water. Children of Std. 6 and 7 can participate in this quiz and the link given in google form is also given in this quiz. 

Click here download paripatr

                   Everything has to be given as personal information and the teachers have to make efforts for the participation of girls and boys in all the primary schools. At present, the educational work is closed in all the primary schools. By adding more, it is very important to try to get the child to participate in the online quiz competition by phone as it is optional. It will be more fun after the completion of the competition. An interesting certificate is encouraged when it comes in the hands of the student and BK participates in other competitions without it.

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