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Saturday, December 19, 2020




         The situation in India and around the world has become very dire due to the global epidemic of Corona. People are now scared to leave their homes. Transportation has also come to a standstill. The children of Vishwa Karma Vishwa Karma Loko now study online from home. Even in the state of Gujarat, it is very important for children to study at home in a situation where educational work is closed. Children are young so they do not understand properly 

                There is a real risk of spreading the transition so that the government does not want to take any risk in this matter. Even in the education department, the child is constantly learning new ideas about how to study at home with the help of new techniques. Teacher friends have a lot of fun on DD Girnar. The video content of Na explains in the lesson details so that the children will remember what they saw and heard for a long time.

                    In the present situation where it is not possible for a child to go to school, the child stays at home and uses all kinds of educational materials to study as well as engage in various activities as per the instructions of the school. Best Khelo India from Competition Kalautsav West has also participated in all these activities and has received various certificates. A master trainer was appointed for this and this trainer went to all the schools of the group and trained the children in face to face karate. The girls of Std.

                 The children got to learn a lot from the training every time and the girls will use it in the future The government was confident that they would report the average information to the government so that the government does not want to miss out on this opportunity. The daughters in the training will be trained through this application from December 22. The use of the initiation application is to do this training. The video will be shown in 24 parts and the teachers will try their best to ensure maximum participation of all the primary school girls in the state.

                   A teacher is also to be appointed and any other disciple is to help this nodal teacher. It is the job of the teacher to install the application and make self declaration of the children as well as to enter all the information and turn on the ring. The Department of Education wants the responsibility model teacher as well as the teachers who help them and most of the daughters of that state to participate in this and get their certificates.This type of training does not increase the confidence of the children. Parents also become aware that the government is constantly concerned about the education of the children. It is stated in the circular that a person up to the age of 60 years can take this training so that not only the son but also the girls of his family can join it and get maximum certificate.

Self defence training registration and self declaration video


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           The duration of the training is so long that once you watch this video, it can be repeated and more prepared. A few days of captivity can be repeated between each video. After watching this 24-part video, the certificate of completion of the training can be downloaded from the profile of the Diksha application. You can then download the automatic certificate will be uploaded in the profile

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