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Monday, December 14, 2020

FOR GOVERMENT EMPLOYEES- the employee appointed on fixed salary resigned from one cadre to another cadre and was appointed to another cadre

If a fixed salary employee resigns and accepts another government job or a job in the upper cadre and then resigns and returns to his / her original cadre, then job protection as well as salary protection matter.

             Resolution 11 11 2020 was passed by the Secretariat Gandhinagar of the Government of Gujarat regarding the provision of full current return after the employee appointed on fixed salary resigned from one cadre to another cadre and was appointed to another cadre under the policy of resolution dated 16 2 2006 of Finance Department. Has been notified

                    In the Resolution No. 2 of Resolution No. 16 2 2006 of the Finance Department, it is given that with the Resolution No. 28 3 2016, the terms and bids of the fixed salary employees of various cadres have been fixed for a certain type. Recruiters are recruited on a fixed salary basis during the fixed recruitment process in other posts of the same cadre or in the upper cadre posts or at full pay scale posts where they are currently employed. They are forced to resign and get appointed to the newly appointed place but sometimes it happens that the place and job place or job status gets new appointment due to social reasons or geographical reasons or personal reasons which suit them. 

               The reason why it doesn't happen is that the job in the cadre that they are not doing the job with proper interest does not suit them or the situation arises that they have decided to quit the job and the job in the previous cadre. There have been many cases where the situation has arisen to return to the cadre they used to do. In such circumstances, when a government employee immediately fills up his original job, no provisions were implemented by the government so that the government employee was alive. 

             The government was a mature consideration as smart government employees are appearing for and passing other upper cadre examinations in various cadres to get higher pay as well as to take advantage of being able to go to the upper cadre besides working away from home in the previous cadre. If they are changing cadres to work with their family in their hometown then now the state government has implemented the provisions to go to the original union.



 The fixed salary employees appointed under the Finance Department's policy of 16 2006 are selected at the end of the fixed recruitment process during their fixed salary services at the other place of the same class at the place of upper travel or at the place of regular pay scale.



 Under the policy enacted by the Finance Department Resolution 16 2006, an employee appointed on a fixed salary may resign from the Exxon class and take advantage of the salary available to another general class or return to the service of the previous cadre immediately after the fast and regular pay scale. Will be given for a period of up to one year from the new appointment


Thus the fixed salary employees returning to the original cadre will lose the pre-existing tenure to them and will be considered as their new appointment and the service of the cadre returning from the previous cadre will not be considered as continuous service under any circumstances.



 Fixed salary employees will get the benefit of this resolution only once in their entire service period regarding return to their original cadre.


4. The employee who transfers the fixed salary in such a manner or goes to the original cadre will have to recover 15 days salary from the monthly salary of the subsequent salary and also the cost of training of the trained.

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