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Monday, December 14, 2020



     Government of Gujarat Panchayat Rural Housing Board and Rural Development Department Secretariat Gandhinagar as per the circular dated 14 12 2020 as per section 13/1 of Gujarat Panchayat Act 1993 as shown in Appendix-1 and Appendix-2 Term of 20 District Panchayats out of 21 District Panchayats of the State 21 12 2020 as well as term of one District Panchayat 25 12 2020 and term of 231 Taluka Panchayats 15 12 2020 and term of another Taluka Panchayat expires on 5 1 2021 Term of Panchayats as per Section 13/1 of Gujarat Panchayat Act 1993 as well as Section 13/2 and Section 13 Up to five years from the first sitting and the right to hold general elections before the expiration of the term is vested in the State Election Commission.

                               But as per the State Election Commission's declaration dated 12 10 2020 on the number 1 read, the situation of the present natural calamity is exceptional and exceptional in assessing the situation of covid 19 so that the commission comes to the conclusion that there are 21 district panchayats and 231 taluka panchayats in the panchayat areas. 

                     Holding timely elections in accordance with the constitutional and legal provisions of the Covid-19 epidemic situation will put the responsibility of elections in the hands of the system and endanger the health and lives of the system as well as the general public. Therefore, the general elections of the local bodies to be held in November 2020 have been postponed for the next three months and after three months it will be decided to hold the elections after reviewing the epidemic situation.




                     Taluka and District Panchayat elections have been postponed for three months by the Election Department after extensive discussions due to the Corona epidemic. Because Taluka Panchayats and District Panchayats need more staff from different ballot units as well as control unit handlers, so in this election, large staff has to be ordered at booth level. Doing door-to-door surveys in advance as is being done by various employees of the health department. Various employees of the education department are also engaged in various door-to-door surveys as well as various vaccination activities for the health department. Problems have arisen in the fact that the Koro epidemic is about to mobilize manpower so that the Taluka Panchayat and District Panchayat elections will be held in February. It has been postponed till 2021

           Employees of Gujarat Electricity Board Employees of Banking Sector Employees of Post Department Employees of PWD Department Employees of University Employees of different departments of Gujarat State are also entrusted with the task of this election Not because there are local elections in which the people of the state are very interested and also the local police officers are working very hard.

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          Detailed announcement will be made by the Election Department from now on. The Election Department has its own independent morning which can decide on its own. Is known by the officer

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