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Tuesday, December 22, 2020


                HTAT AANDOLAN NEWS


        The state education department often recruits different types of employees. In the state of Gujarat, before Std. Since free and compulsory primary education for children is included in the right to education,

 it has been included in the primary school of standard eight so that the need for more teachers has arisen as mentioned in the right to education. Subject wise and department wise primary teachers were then recruited in Std. 6th to 8th. 

Mathematics science teacher, social science teacher as well as language teacher. PTC teachers have been included in Std. 5 to Std. 6th to 8th by the State Examination Board. A Tattoo Exam was organized for TET One PTC teachers who are taken in Primary School Std. 1 to 8 and for Std. 6 to 8. 

Passing this exam has been made compulsory to become an employee in a primary school. In case of government recruitment of various primary teachers, the certificate was considered valid for five years, after which the headmaster in primary schools was selected as the headmaster of the school, all the charges were headed by the headmaster but then the principal and one A separate cadre was formed. 

This cadre included the Ad Teacher Aptitude Test which started recruitment of ETAT pass headmasters in primary schools through both direct recruitment and promotion. As a teacher, the schools with the highest number of children were given priority Passed head teachers were recruited as well as teachers who have more qualifications, experience and have passed H-tat were promoted to their head teacher i.e. included in the principal in the primary school then the salary scale of H-tat is also increased. There is more aged man than primary teachers as they have to handle all the administrative responsibilities as well as other tasks assigned to them from the taluka primary education officer's office 

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so that their pay scales were also kept separate as well as those who have been promoted headmaster Almost all the big schools in the state which have more number of primary schools have more and more H-TATs are being recruited one after the other. The primary schools have to handle the responsibility of various activities along with taking the classrooms That the need for a province principal was greater which has now been completed by the education department state government so that now the school's senior The head teacher will have to hand over the charge to the recruited principal         

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