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Tuesday, December 22, 2020


                          LPG GAS PRIZE 

 There are many oil companies all over India. Oil. Many companies are also private companies. Petrol and diesel prices are reviewed daily after the price limit has been lifted and then petrol-diesel prices change at certain times every day. Prices of LPG cylinders vary with subsidized and non-subsidized gas.

                  The cost of subsidized gas is higher. A certain percentage of every Indian who receives subsidized rupee is credited directly to the account. 12 bottles per family per year The price of LPG cylinders keeps changing. Like petrol-diesel, now LPG will also review and change the price of gas cylinders every week. Important news is that LPG price will be reviewed once a week Deciding will make that decision

                   This was not the case before. In the first month, the LPG company conducted the review only once a month and based on its report, the average oil companies believe that the weekly review of the LPG price is due to the losses incurred by the oil companies. Such a decision has been taken and gas agencies across India have also started preparations. Earlier, gas prices had come down till last year, so the companies, which had to bear a lot of losses, will now try to overcome the losses in the coming weeks. The rule of enforcing this new rule has been taken up

                    Now LPG prices will be reviewed every week and the price of Dadar LPG bottles will be fixed so that technical problems are also likely to arise as there are 12 bottles available in the family in which only those who have subsidized bottles get the percentage of subsidy. There has been no official announcement from the steel companies to create a technical problem in the calculation

LPG customers are getting new and good news

  Friends who book gas online have come up with a cool scheme for paytm customers which is giving you a way to book a gas cylinder and which will directly benefit you.

 This way you will get the benefit

 First you have to go to the recharge and baby option. Type here on the bogus cylinder. You will see different options of the gas company. Enter the first LPG promo code before making the payment.

Click here skim paytm

 This feature will benefit you for the first time

 Paytm gets cashback of Rs. 100 for first time gas booking. Gas booking will have to pay Rs. and the company will also give you cashback of Rs. Have to do and process the registration


This means that if the price of LPG is reviewed every week, the price of LPG is likely to change every week in the future as the price of petrol-diesel changes every day. If the price of a bottle of LPG changes every week, its burden It is only natural that consumers with LPG gas should be affected. Consumers should also be aware of the impact on their own pockets which should be known in advance.

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