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Sunday, December 13, 2020



 ITR verification tips

The time has come for all the employees of all the departments of the state to file their income tax returns for the year 2021. It is very important not only to file income tax returns but also to file on the coming income and show punctuality and do online verification for it. You can also file at the Income Tax office or the Income Tax return that we have filed online may be canceled.
It is necessary to verify the income tax return within 150 days after filing. If not, it will not be considered as income tax return.
 Employees of the entire department, such as those working in government jobs, have to file an income tax return at the end of each annual financial year. This income tax return receipt is very important when it comes to getting a home loan.

 File an income tax return or go to the office and file offline but it is very important to verify it. Doing this electronic system verification confirms your report. There is no problem for this in the coming days. The last date for filing income tax returns has been announced by the Income Tax Office on December 31, so that all concerned government employees and business friends will also have to file income tax returns by December 31, 2020.
 There are five ways in which income tax return verification can be done

 If you are using internet banking under a banking system which is based on a nationalized bank, all you have to do is login to the bank's website. There is a separate tax section. You can complete the process of verification of income tax return and you can also do this whole process by sitting at home with onclick with time saving.

 You have to go to the table of My Account of Remote Income Tax Department, click there and click on Know Your Customer. As soon as you click on it, you will get a ten digit code on your email and registered mobile number.
 You can use this code for 72 hours. In order to verify the income tax return, you have to go to the special account of the special banking and enter the evc. After submitting it, the income tax return is verified.

 Verify income tax return through demat account also
 The process of ITR verification becomes easier if you are trading stocks and have a dependent account. It is very important to validate the demat account of the company before you have ITR verification.




 After validated demat account which has deposit i.e. login with NSDL or cdsl why not dad only e-mail id mobile number and validation
 All of these processes usually take an hour or two. If there is an error in the process, your email will be notified.

 You can also verify your income tax return through a bank account
Income tax department can also facilitate income tax verification through bank account. This facility is not available in every bank. For this ITI verification has to be waited along with account number ifsc code mobile number and bank name. Just enter everything that is already present in your facebook and also enter the page number and if the name of the bank account is the same, the validation will be successful. J and what you do after entering the code will be verified


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