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Saturday, December 12, 2020



                     Demand for online payments is on the rise across India. Every bank has become more and more active in its online system and is working harder and harder to benefit its customers. The system is very popular and has a very nice rupee transaction system google pay which with the help of UPI has become an application not only for sea India but also for worldwide transactions. 

              The banking sector is transacting so that even the RBI is putting all the facilities in the banking sector that are increasingly providing online facilities. Even the smallest merchant is now using UPI, especially the Government of India's system to make transactions cashless. It is proving to be very effective. Traders are also giving it a lot of encouragement so that even if you have a case, the app as an alternative will make your work instantaneous. Can be completed

 So it is important for the people of India to know whether UPI Payment Super will be charged in the coming days or not. It has also become very important for those who are using UPI

 There are special questions in the minds of people that from the new year, different users will have to pay a certain amount instead of paying a certain amount by paying for various applications of UPI. What will be the cost of this charger? Now in this report we have to know how much will be charged for each of these transactions and if there are some limitations.

 The system of digital payment has become very widespread in India as everyone has access to mobile and internet and digital payment is becoming very popular among the common man. The craze of UPI payment has also increased a lot. It is a very simple process and much easier and faster than expected. It saves a lot of time

 What are UPI payments called?

 unified payment interface It is the full name of UPI. The advantage of DJ Digital Payment to the people is that even without coming in contact with any shop, just by using mobile internet, we can transfer it to another person's bank account on the spot through instant transaction. However, one can transfer rupee from one bank to any other branch of the bank. People are using many applications to transfer Rs. All applications use UPI to transact

 There is news that the charge will start from the new year

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 There have been rumors on social media for some time now that from the new year, anyone who makes a UPI payment will be charged for a certain amount of transactions but this news has proved to be totally false as the National Payments Corporation of India has also denied this and this is just It's just a rumor that people asked him about this on google pay's twitter account but google pay said that the transaction charge is only for us in america and this has nothing to do with the ongoing google pay and google pay for business account in india. Or this is not his problem



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