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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Matter of taking a government employee as a class-3 as a commission to convict the accused against the accused caught in rape cases against minors.

            Matter of taking a government employee as a class-3 as a commission to convict the accused against the accused caught in rape cases against minors.

                         As the incidence of child molestation has increased in the state from now on, a special law has been recently introduced by the Gujarat government to curb it and various rules have been framed to reduce the number of cases and to enlist the help of government employees from various departments. It has been decided to come and a government resolution has been discussed to appoint government employees as a commission for speedy disposal of such misdeeds that will not last long. In this case, the Gujarat government of the Home Department has stated from the Secretariat Gandhinagar that crimes in the state are juvenile. 

                 The children of the time are more prone to these crimes and it becomes a little necessary to do a close investigation on the arrested accused. In-depth investigation is done and during the various judicial proceedings of the court, such accused take advantage of the law and seek escape. Therefore, the accused caught in the crime should be investigated and appropriate action should be taken and the case should be completed within the appropriate time limit i.e. within six months. The matter was already under close consideration of the Government as to whether the convicts involved in this crime should be punished and as a government employee should be kept as in yes cases.

 At the end of many adult deliberations in the state, it has been decided to take the help of a government employee as a commission keeping in view the following conditions.

 In the case of child molestation, the Gujarat Home Department has been directed to allow staff at all levels of Gujarat to be appointed as a commission so that the process of justice in child molestation cases can be facilitated expeditiously.

 In case of misdemeanors, if the government employee is involved in the case, the process is completed very quickly and he will have to submit a report during his non-attendance in the duty of his department and for submitting the report to his department. They will be given a certificate

 Whenever the police officer's department seeks the help of five cases of child rape, the head of the department will have to give the job of punch to the employee under him. If there is any mistake, it will be taken seriously.

  In case of inhumane treatment of minors, the office of the Police Department shall proceed by selecting any officer as a Punch and proceeding for this one or the other in nature.

 Any government employee who is selected as a Punch should not be one-sided and should be especially prompt. Special care should be taken by the Police Department to take a neutral employee.

 In such a case, it is better to select only Class-II employees as Punch. It is better to take special care of Class-II employees who are currently serving as fixed salary.





  When selecting various government employees, the same commissions should be held with senior clerks or higher level employees so that in such important cases there is no objection to face to face statement of judicial proceedings and they can be called at any time and the judicial result is very good.

  In order to ensure that the Punch is especially neutral, pancham of other villages can also be appointed without using the district headquarters.


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