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Friday, December 11, 2020



              All the primary schools in Gujarat under the Gujarat State Education Department are currently closed due to the Corona epidemic but in order to ensure that children are not deprived of online education, local teachers are concerned about their children's studies and try to provide digital education to children through government and home learning. As well as teachers are trying to stay connected with the children through virtual classrooms, many efforts are being made by the government to give voice to the various questions of the teachers.

             After 15 years, fixed salary based jobs were started in the education department, especially in the primary teacher department and the teacher who was to be recruited for the first five years had to work for a fixed salary. At present, the seventh pay commission in the government department is in Dhawal. Gone but the administrative process was too long for it so the teachers got everything except the salary standard housing allowance

             Primary Department Recruitment of Headmaster has been started in schools on the basis of the number of Higher Primary Departments. The pay scale was kept at 42o0. Due to the discrepancy in the pay scale, there were many discrepancies in the salaries of the primary teachers recruited after 2010 by the government of Solanki. But there were also various agitations to solve the problem of primary teachers so that the government did not count the first five years of fixed salary jobs of all primary teachers recruited after 1998 in the demand for primary teachers. By counting that year, the teacher will also be able to get the benefit of higher salary scale

 With regard to the head teacher, some important decisions have been taken recently by the government finance department so that the feeling of happiness pervades the head teacher Alam.

 The most important question was that the cadre in which the head teacher was recruited was considered administrative instead of academic and now the rule will be changed to academic so that all the benefits which were earlier available to primary teachers and upper primary teachers will also be available to the head teacher.

 As per the new rule on headmaster, they will be given a new salary scale of 920 31 without passing any departmental examination. Has come

 In the cadre of head teachers, it was said that they did not get vacation i.e. they were not considered as vacation employees but according to the new rule now head teachers will also get vacation.


  All the primary teachers who used to get benefits at the time of retirement of the head teacher will now also be eligible to meet the head teacher.


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 ASSISTANT EDUCATION INSPECTOR 12/24 I have been informed that the salary scale which was earlier fixed to be given will be recruited as compulsory education inspector from now on. If there is any financial loss, the recruitment of assistant education inspector will be done directly. There is no harm in Devda so that whoever wants can become an education inspector by giving departmental examination


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