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Friday, December 11, 2020



                           Due to the outbreak of covid 19 epidemic to understand digital online education, not only in the state of Gujarat but all over India, all educational institutions from small to large have been closed for the last nine months due to the epidemic. In this situation, schools have been closed. If the study is stopped, then the parents have also become very worried. Due to the closure of schools for a long time, there has been a lot of economic loss to the government and the people all over India. All the work has to be done and the teaching and learning methods have to be redesigned and the name of teaching has to be taken anew. With this a new way of thinking has to be introduced to deliver good education at home as well as at school.

                                Digital and online learning can never take the place of the work of the classroom but at the same time it is very important for us to know that it has some advantages and it is also very important to give it to the children. There is a lot to learn from the child. Through education a child can learn something new thinking and through it can grow even in such a time. Knowledge development board can be formed to move forward towards digital education through various government programs due to rapid development of internet and successful campaign like Digital India. The road is being paved and digital education has become very successful for the students

                         . Recently, in the PMA Vidya started by Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi, you can get complementary support in the matter of education. PM Vidya is a nationwide campaign through which phone air education Bringing all mediums related to online education and digital education on a single platform PM Vidya Diksha Portal TV iit pal Community Radio and Shiksha Vani Broadcast There is also a lot of study material available for the disabled. Amazon is developing it for e-learning by integrating all these departments systematically.

 This guide is designed to focus on online as well as digital education for students who have been absent for a long time due to lockdown, and especially for students. This guide is very useful for improving the quality of education as well as advancing online digital education. The use of the guide by the primary teachers of the school, the parents of these students, the principals of the schools and all the Borgaon will be a participant and by making proper use of it, the school education as well as the digital education will be successful.

 Digital education is a growing field. Digital media is primarily concerned with learning related to the teaching-learning process. Providing written materials as well as providing an online platform for students to create their own homework. And all these activities available in the form of resources like multimedia have now evolved. Children have to work to develop their knowledge using all these platforms. The government is trying to make information technology and internet available to children in limited quantities Several different sections have now become available


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At present, the government provides a home classroom-like environment for the purpose of providing home-based education through various home-based programs and the government is trying to make it possible for children to study through online platforms. At the school level also local teachers are trying to engage the children with their studies through different online mediums. The Ministry of Education, Government of India is also issuing Pragya Guidelines for online education work and translation guides have also been provided to the teachers.

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