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Friday, December 11, 2020



 Following the publication of Assistant Education Inspector Recruitment Rules from the notification dated 31 1 2019, necessary instructions were given from a letter dated 25 6 2019 regarding the existing provisions of the rules regarding higher pay scale of primary teachers in the state.

              Subsequently, the implementation of the instructions given in the letter dated 25 6 2019 from the letter under reference two of this department dated 16 7 2020 was postponed by the department till the necessary policy decision is taken in this case. Now in consultation with the concerned administrative department regarding higher pay scale of primary teachers. It has been decided to make necessary amendments in the applicable recruitment rules accordingly.

 The agitation was going on on the issue of 4200 grade pay of the state primary teachers and H Tat Acharya. The government may decide to give the teachers invited by the government to the meeting of the Federation of Education. A circular has been issued and teachers will benefit on completion of nine years. The agitation has been going on under his auspices for a long time and the policy decision has been taken and the teachers' union has been making representations to the government from time to time following which the government has resolved their issues and taken appropriate decision, the union said. In which the headmaster's cadre was earlier considered as an administrative calendar instead of an administrative one. In addition to the teachers, it is learned that the headmasters have also decided to take a vacation. However, other options are being considered in the government.

          After representations to the government, the union said that a proper decision had been taken on the incident questions. It was also decided that the headmaster would be given higher pay scale without passing any departmental examination. The union also said that it was 4200-4400-4600 for the promoted teacher. As well as higher salary scale and higher salary standard of 4400-4600-5400 from direct recruitment, it has been stated that the same will be given as the cadre teacher of the head teacher and session benefit will be given at the time of retirement of the head teacher. 

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It has been stated that if the head teacher is compulsorily recruited in place of Assistant Education Inspector, there will be financial loss. 


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Assistant Education Inspector will be recruited through direct recruitment as well as direct method. Whoever wants can become Assistant Education Inspector by giving examination.

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