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Saturday, December 12, 2020





                     There are different departments in the state's primary education department, Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 6 to 8. Gujarat State Office of the Director of Primary Education Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan Gandhinagar Accounts and Treasury Office Gujarat State Gandhinagar Important Government Resolution has been published

                      At present the primary teachers of the state are getting salary under the 7th pay commission. There are various salary fixing questions available in the 7th pay commission. To solve all these problems, the primary teachers have to go to the Gandhinagar Accounts and Treasury office. The first five years of service of all government primary teachers who have been employed on a fixed salary for five years since the fixed salary appointment scheme was introduced in 1998 was considered as a fixed salary. 

                The years were not considered in terms of salary or higher pay scale so there were frequent representations from various government primary teachers' associations to the government woman that these five years should be taken into account in higher pay scale and seniority in a row. There has also been a fierce agitation over the issue. The government has recently accepted the information demand of these primary teachers and since 1998 The five-year period of service for teachers who have served on fixed salary for five years has been ordered to be counted in the job. There is also a big difference in the salary of teachers who have served in five-year service as higher pay scale is sanctioned during these three periods. So now the teachers are happy with the pay difference

                     The first higher salary scale to be approved by the teachers is to be submitted to the Taluka Primary Education Officer and also the sas software has been launched by the Gandhinagar office. The facility has been developed for the primary teachers to propose higher salary standard with the help of this software. All the higher pay scale documents can be obtained immediately just by entering the information as per the service book. At present, a large number of primary teachers have to complete the service book and send it to Gandhinagar. In view of the Corona epidemic, if such a large number of teachers send a service book together, the workload on the Office of the Director of Accounts and Treasury becomes too much to be followed. Has been instructed

                  The various cases of higher pay scale are in different districts especially the time limit of retirement age has been removed and the office had earlier instructed to submit ten service books in a day for face building and verification at the office but the primary teachers and their various organizations Since the establishment is very high in some districts, if the service book is accepted in such a quantity, the work will be very late so that if the service book is demanded according to the district which has more macum, the work will be solved quickly, said the primary teacher. For the convenience of the staff and the administration, a large number of services can be accepted from the service book as well as the social distance in can be properly followed from now onwards to the primary teachers on the date mentioned along with this form between December 20 and January or 2021


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            . And according to the number of all the Taluka Primary Education Officers of that district have been given a reporter by the office of Nagar Primary Education Committee in which the taluka d. The number of service book in column number six has to be submitted keeping in view the madam number in column number five except for the case of higher salary standard of primary teachers. That has been introduced


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