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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Mobile number 11 digit from 1st january

 💥Mobile number become 11 digit from 1 st January💥

In the last ten years, there has been a digital revolution in India. Digital revolution means that people have mobile phones in their hands. Digital means Android phones in which all the systems are used. So, whether it is Gadha class or small student Vare, everyone has to have a mobile phone. Today, phones ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1 lakh are available in the market which has provided various facilities for the customers

. In order to provide maximum convenience to the customers in the competitive era, these new features are being launched in the market. Attempts are being made at affordable prices. There is fierce competition among telecom companies. 

How to give their customers access to the Internet at a lower price in more GB in the digital age. In order to give customers the benefit of a more attractive scheme, they are bringing new packages to attract customers. Giving more attractive benefits for less money has become the primary requirement of every company and the customer is now using more and more data so the phone needs to be recharged more and more. 

There is also an attractive caseback scheme in phone paytm, google pay etc. for recharging. Yes, everyone's benefit is changing every month due to the change in the scheme. The use of three or four phones in a house has also created a lot of problems. The Ministry of Telecom in the government has decided to make a slight change in the customer's phone number. 

More information is being provided by the Ministry of Telecom to people across India. Telecom companies, whether government or private, need more and more people in the coming days regarding the Internet. In order to satisfy the needs of the companies to provide more and more speed in the tiger sector after 3G 4G, the priority of the companies is to increase the speed of the internet so that Geo launches FiveG in India in the next few days. 

There was an atmosphere of happiness among the people all over India. The speed of Five GK will be much higher in which videos can be downloaded in an instant. Even young children in the digital age are now taking online education from agm. All educational institutions are closed all over India. Studying using mobile and TV as a medium of education is now a useful educational tool for children. 

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More and more data is being used so that companies are also providing the best facilities to their customers as it is becoming a primary as well as large scale in the university sector. Even in the college sector, more and more data is being used due to online study which has become the primary duty of the company to provide better facilities.


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