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Saturday, December 26, 2020

What's app upcoming feachers

 What's app upcoming new feacher

In India, there are many opportunities in digital media through which even the common man can come forward. In the digital age, the common man is using an Android phone today.  With the help of phone, one can get social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatsapp. Millions of people are joining each other and getting a wealth of various new information.  Idea Vodafone jio airtel etc. There is also a lot of competition. 

      C trying new techniques to provide better benefits to the customers one by one.  Whatsapp is one of the world's leading social media teachers. With the use of whatsapp, many people can instantly chat in any corner of the world through whatsapp.  Since it is very easy, ordinary people can use it. We can chat in any language in whatsapp. Using whatsapp has also created a lot of employment opportunities, such as online shopping through whatsapp, a lot of business can be done.  

The main idea in many features is video calling as well as whatsapp calling with the help of which even if your relatives live in any corner of the world, you can connect with them through video and you can have whatsapp day by day in video calling.  Due to the update of many features in it, more or less people can join together through WhatsApp. If there is more friend circle due to whatsapp group, 257 friends can join a group. The same new feature of whatsapp is going now.  

In which you can run whatsapp in four places even if you are in the same device. They are going to be the beneficiary of whatsapp features which will prove to be very useful in the time to come.  Whatsapp payment has just been launched in India. In the digital age, India is going to adopt the method of gas lasers. Couples pay paytm Phone Pay Famous apps in India for all these transactions. Now whatsapp has also been included in whatsapp payments.  

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All the transactions of all the banks can be done with each other. Paytm is in google. All the features are also in the medium of whatsapp payment so that now WhatsApp users can also do rupee transactions with each other so that this social media will also benefit the banking sector.  Will choose

Whatsapp is a medium that doesn't matter how many status messages you send. Whatsapp disappearing message pitchers have turned out to be very useful for the customer because in seven days group or personalized messages on whatsapp are automatically deleted so that the space that the customer used to hold in the phone is now blocked. Not because the message is automatically deleted from the previous one. A lot of new emojis have been added to whatsapp so that you can reply from short to medium. With the help of whatsapp calling you can quickly connect with your friend in any corner of the world. Crisis becomes a time chain. All friends in a group can discuss together. A link can also be placed in whatsapp. Turning the link to another social media medium in whatsapp medium increases contact quickly. All friends in the group connect with each other in time.

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