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Monday, December 28, 2020


The state education department is imparting education to the students in a fun and sporting manner. Due to the global epidemic, there is a strict ban on calling students in all schools. The education department feels that students should study at home under the guidance of their parents. Com Learning 

i.e. Studying through TV is organized by the State Government Education Department in which various educational programs are shown daily on DD Girnar channel to the students of Std. 1 to 12 in pursuit of the curriculum in which the lesson unit or exercise in their textbook. 

In the same way, the student is given a full schedule of the program in PDF format in advance so that it is easy for the students to study and the student can read the same lesson unit beforehand. An educational program is displayed on DD Girnar Channel for those who sit down to study with pre-preparation. 

National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Examination Forms are created on the State Examination Board's website. At least five to seven forms from each school are required by the Department of Education to enable bright students to excel in their studies and help them financially National Means cum Merit Scholarship Examination is organized. 

Government school students are allowed to appear for the examination. Some brief information is required to fill up the form. This year the student's income sample has been ordered to be uploaded on the compulsory website. Mamlatdar Office Talati Office Gram Panchayat has to be visited. Easily get the income sample which is valid for three years. The income sample can also be used. Other means can be used in National Means cum Merit Scholarship Examination in Gujarati in two sections. The education department has also made preparations for the pre-preparation for the exam. 


The exam is mainly for social science There are answers to questions based on science and logic. The paper of this exam is of optional type in which the students have to choose from the given option and complete their answers in the OMR seat. There will be ease in giving the exam. 

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દરરોજ વેબસાઈટ ની મુલાકાત લેવાની રાખો

Students mainly need a picture of guidance in the economics section in which even without maths problem problem examples as well as series based examples distance based examples direction based questions blood related questions in which students need more guidance that's why DD Girnar The channel has also provided a program for the state education department to provide guidance by various subject matter experts, the link of which has been asked to be sent to the students in the whatsapp group. The parents of the students have also been provided with exam guidance. 

Click here for NMMS VIDEO

Download new paripatr 30 12 2020

🌷Nmms exam paper materials 


👉લોહીના સંબંધ

👉આકૃતિની ગણતરી

👉ગુજરાતી શબ્દની તાર્કિક ગોઠવણી


👉અનુરૂપતા કસોટી

👉પદાનુક્રમની ગોઠવણી

👉સંકેતો અને ચિન્હોનું સાદુરૂપ tv

👉English શબ્દ નિમાૅણ

👉વલણ આકૃતિ


👉ઊંચું નીચું નાનું મોટું

👉દિશા અને અંતર

👉બાકીના વિડિયો ટૂંક સમયમાં મૂકવામાં આવશે

👉Nmms examની તૈયારી કરતાં વિધાથીૅઓ સુધી અવશ્ય પહોંચાડીએ

At present only the guardian can show except the teacher so Shai Transient institutions are closed and more time is being organized by the Department of Education to use the student behind exam preparation


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