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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

School open statement education minister

 The lockdown has been in force across India since March 2020 as the Corona epidemic, which was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in India, has also spread to India. The period was extended. After almost three months of lockdown, unlock guideline was implemented in India in phases

. Different guidelines for phased lockdown concession were issued by the Government of India in which train operations are currently closed due to increased travel. The central government as well as the health department are trying to ensure that the train is still not running. Educational institutions and universities across the state as well as across India are closed as most of the students come in contact with each other in large numbers. The decision to close schools has been taken by the second or in the first phase of starting schools in some states Yoga was done but many students and teachers came together to test positive for corona so other states have not taken a single day to start school in the new semester and have not made any decision to call students to school. I

the new semester, the Gujarat government has announced the date of commencement of schools almost twice during the session from 2020 to 2021, but planned to postpone the announcement of phases of commencement of schools till December 2020 as the risk of Koro transition is increasing. 

With half a year of education coming to an end, the government is now showing a lot of awkwardness in starting schools, especially for the students of Std. 10 and Std. 12 who are about to appear for the board exams. The Gujarat state government has not taken any decision in the government department to start schools. Another strain of corona found in the United States, such as Britain and the United States, has been announced by the Minister of Education. 

The death toll in the second train is increasing rapidly. Parents in the Gujarat government have also demanded that in the year 2020 21, not a single day of school is open and not a single day is studied in the school, this year also no examination will be held but meat promotion. 

Demanding that students be given the same pass, the children could not get the education that they get through online education this year so the students are less educated in every subject because the education that the real teacher teaches while keeping the student together in online learning. Not everyone is aware of this. It is made in every subject.

 Now mathematics is a subject in which the subject teacher uses different methods and considers it as a rule. However, it does not happen in online learning which is easily understood by the students as the child cannot get real life education as it has to be taught in a limited time and in a limited way. English subject is an important subject of students.

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 Various demands of Satya Wali Mandal have been put before the government. It has been clarified by the Education Department of the Government as well as the Education Minister that the various problems of the government should be assessed and decided.

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