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Thursday, December 24, 2020

school exam releted news

               school exam releted news

    Due to the current Corona epidemic, educational institutions all over India, university coaching classes, everything, all the offices related to the education department are not functioning at present, even the children are not invited to school. Educational institutions are educating children through online education. Video content by experts through home learning by showing all the courses not all the standard as well as taking unit test of the children as well as giving textbooks to the children to learn English. Currently the course is being run by the government through different guidelines. It is giving various orders for reopening but it is not possible because the government does not want to take any kind of risk to the children.

             The transition to Koro has been seen in schools in many states. Do not understand that the instructions given in the school can not be followed if the corona is transmitted to the schools. The Gujarat government had earlier announced to start the school in November, but two days ago it canceled all the countries and for the time being, it was ordered to close the educational work of all the schools. It has been announced by the Gujarat Government Education Department, but in the matter of standard one to nine confusion and no definite decision has been taken yet, different statements are given by the Government that various activities are being done for the children at home It is a very difficult task for the government to conduct an internal assessment of the students on the basis of the assessment and take them to the next standard as there is no guideline as to when the vaccine research process is yet to be completed across India. 

               It has been decided by the education department to start schools till what happens to its specific medicine. It has been said that children will also be given mass promotion i.e. in the previous year also mass promotion was given to students without taking exams in the same way now mass promotion will be given to students of Std. Rupali is also worried that now the government's education department will give guidelines for the transition of the corona and the government will coordinate with the education department to take some steps to ensure that the education of the children is not spoiled. Attempts remain but direct education cannot impart education so that the same parents want direct education to be started by the teacher but in view of the transition of Koro this is not possible at present, the government has also announced today some important decisions Can be taken Std. 

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           One to nine months promotion was under consideration of the Government. The Education Department of the Government of Gujarat has no information on this matter and the risk of young children. It is learned that in order to provide relief to the parents, the standard can decide to give mass promotion to one to nine young children.

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