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Thursday, December 24, 2020

monthly syllabus for pragya varg


monthly syllabus for pragya varg

            Pragya program was implemented in Gujarat education department after the year 2000. In this pragya program, initially in standard one and two, various new tips were adopted for recreation as well as active study for children so that children can get good education while playing This Pragya approach is a flash card drawing for children with the help of various cards. All things are activity based education in which the child does not have to bring a mirror from home. Book at school, its file at school, its design at school and pencil rubber sets from school. With the success of this program in Std-12, Pragya program was also started in Std-3, 4 and 5.

                In order for the children to study freely, various types of play card charts etc. are placed in front of the children in which the child can stand on his own. Can take the card and study it The new intelligence was to group the teachers in the classroom and make the children study in which the teacher in this new experiment Social training was imparted so that the teachers could also study according to the group. 

                The child does not get bored if it is compensated by a different teacher in a way that makes the children interested in the study according to different methods such as teacher dedicated group and child dedicated group. Allocated sports based training was also given to the teachers so that this Pragya program was becoming a full game based education. In the Pragya program then the children were also given textbooks along with various textbooks.

                   It is more interesting and more enjoyable to study. The textbook was written at a certain time in the textbook and kept in the school. It was checked by the class teacher and was not allowed to stay in the classroom so that the student could carry any kind of bag at home. There was no need to go high so the program was more successful. Teachers and often different types of intelligence were trained so that the students could More and more equipped. Pragya program. Many changes were also seen in large scale. 

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                 This Pragya program especially for children. Toys, various experiments were also given grants. This grant can be used. Hair is also fun to teach when it is done by the children. Children were also allowed to use these educational tools freely so that students could play with the educational tools of their choice and also use them to teach children using educational tools. More interested and all these educational activities are remembered by the students in the long run. Parents of the students were also invited to take part in the diarrhea training so that special information was given on how to teach the children at home. Because learning new things costs them more than educational tools. Students are too big for me and if they see something new, they return it. The curriculum of the Pragya program has also been kept as a monthly planning limited in which the curriculum has been designed according to the daily activities.

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