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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

zone level kala utsav 2020-21


kala utsav -zone level -2021

           Gujarat Education Department is imparting home based education to the children through various mediums, especially home learning videos in which various activities are prepared by the expert teacher friends of the Gujarat Education Department based on various activities as well as through virtual class videos in Std. 9th to 12th. Each subject hour is systematically organized by the education department and the children are educated. In order to ensure that the children are not deprived of education, a unit test is also conducted on the specific date at the end of twelve months through the home learning video. It is also possible to evaluate how much did not come.

                      The whole planning of learning is done. The child is sent to the child through whatsapp group in advance with the date. In addition, various activities can be done in the time when educational institutions are closed. Activities are organized in the same way as when the school was running. In order to make the best use of their time, the Department of Education has organized various competitions like the ones held at the time when the school was in operation. 

            The children are now able to organize various competitions at home and in the group with their parents. The level art festival program was completed and various types were organized online in it which will make the program very successful. Now if the entry of Kumar Kanya has to be sent to the district of Naksha. Lies in which the entered Kumar Kanya is to take part

 The winning boys and girls in the district level art festival competition will have to send the result to the district zone level 24 12 2020 last which was done at the district level through the competing BRC Coordinator or CRC Co-ordinator School. Will be

 To organize the zone level competition on 29th December or 30th December 20th

 There will be a zone level competition on the day which is held by the judges of that competition. Only after proper verification of the event will one have to make a selection from each competition.

 If there is a song on the selected and presented content in the district level competition during the zone level dates are shown, the child will also have to be informed that if the content is changed, the previous content will not be canceled.

click here for download paripatr

 In order to send a boy and a girl in the state level competition, the performance of the contestant was presented at the zonal level. It should be sent to the Gandhinagar office by 31 12 2020.

 All of these competitions will help children develop thinking skills and maths. Children will be able to participate in such competitions online at home as their face-to-face discussion with an expert will improve their communication skills. They will also have the ability to talk to various senior officials at any time Do not panic when discussing online with a higher official. The child will be relieved of various fears. After successfully participating in the online competition, the child is also awarded a variety of certificates so that the child is encouraged to get a certificate even if the number is not and He also participates in all other competitions.

  Now the art festival does not have to showcase his skills like art is not just a drawing competition. Hour means singing, playing, dancing, all three are involved or all three are said to have individual skills in a child. Art Festival Every child is born with art but we need specific guidance for the child to develop in it alone so that the learner The teacher is only to point the finger at the child and show Ed the right way to his art.

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