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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

shala svachhchhata gunank

                                   shala svachhchhata gunank 2020-2021

  There are frequent changes in education. In these changes the child has to adapt to the favorable circumstances. The strengths of the children are vast. He needs the right way to use these strengths. The child can go now. Playing and learning has proved to be a very effective education for the child. Various efforts are being made in the classroom to inculcate various values ​​in the child from an early age. Various efforts are being made from time to time by various units to make the school clean

                 . In this regard, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. To a large extent, digital medium was also used all over India. There was a tremendous impact that is now visible in India and is also transformative in India. In various railway stations, bus stations, malls, gyms, etc., we can see that compliance with various standards of hygiene. Even in schools, all these qualities are developed in children from an early age. Various competitions such as drawing competition, song competition, essay competition on hygiene, competition etc. These qualities can be developed in a child.

                     The same teachers try to get the child to school clean VOS Action Plan has been decided and a circular has been issued by Gujarat School Education Council instructing all District Primary Education Officers in all primary schools to use the mobile application for school hygiene coefficient and to complete the self-assessment process successfully. Therefore, the same application which was earlier used for evaluation of SSG application is to be used here. The meeting was held on 18th and 19th December 2020 and the washing school program was also discussed at that time. 

                  Various suggestions were also taken for the success of efforts to take the one and two star schools further. These schools can collaborate with the SMC to make the VOS-in-School program more effective and achieve a higher star rating and create a school action plan on hygiene. This action plan carries out a variety of responsibilities to achieve the expected results in the future. It is very important to evaluate the amount of expenditure and performance from time to time. The school hygiene action plan form is also included. It also contains various information about primary schools as well as primary school children. A new study has been conducted and now a virtual meeting of BRC Coordinator is being held on 29 12 2020. Special instructions in this regard should be highlighted as part of the virtual training. By selecting a school and preparing an action plan for school hygiene according to the form included on an experimental basis.

               click here down load paripatr

 At a time when educational work is being done in schools, it is very commendable that online work is being done in schools. Teachers are also doing educational work as well as many other administrative work. Mathematics is also a good thing in schools. Therefore, PDFs of various issues are included with this in which the form has to be filled and sent in detail and instruction has been given to all the CRC Co-ordinators to participate and join more and more in the virtual meeting.

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