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Monday, January 11, 2021

Home learning std 1/diksha


      vanchan lekhan ganan mate ni best book for basic requirment pragna         

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is a program for universalization of primary education all over India. Under this program, Gujarat Elementary Education Council has undertaken fruitful activities in the state of Gujarat to achieve its important goals. Various programs are carried out for the holistic development of the children and for the children to get quality primary education.

                        The program was started in 258 schools in Gujarat from June 2010 in Std. 1 and 2 which was distributed in Std. 3 and 4 in June 2011 and also in 4 schools in the taluka and in the corporation area in a total of 2344 schools in Std. 1 and 2. A survey of the enthusiasm and success of children, parents and teachers in this program has been noted. Since June 2016, five other schools in every taluka of the state are being included in this program.

               The attitude of the teacher in the Pragya program is a very important factor. It is hoped that this training will be extremely useful for understanding the Pragya program as well as student-centered learning, child psychology activity, group work, classroom learning, study materials and continuous and holistic assessment.

               Pragya study teaching material

                             In this approach the teacher will create thematic auxiliary or supplementary study material which will come in the corner of the standard subject card etc. in which the student will take his card so that he can sit in the group and learn. The class teacher will make the necessary aids available in the classroom. As well as the ability to use.

 Knowledge through activity

                        Pragya is the approach to acquire knowledge through activity. In this approach purposeful activity is at the center. The child likes to do the activity. The child learns through the activity.

          Group Based Learning This approach is made up of six groups according to the level of students Traditional training teaches all the children with the teacher but in this approach students are divided into six groups named as teacher supported baian teacher support group three with support group four The financial support group will be based not on the number of students in the exercise group and the six assessment group division class but on the child's learning ability.

  Classroom specific work system

               For the management of Pragya classroom, the class teacher will have a different type of class management than the normal classroom. Classroom management is an important aspect of this approach. Can observe and regulate.


                    The Pragya approach will not be the traditional assessment and examination method. In a village, the progress of a student entering a new milestone at the end of a milestone is the same type of assessment which qualifies the student class who has completed all the milestones of the standard to be promoted. In the approach the student can get education according to his ability and speed. The students can be evaluated whether they have achieved the required academic achievement as well as the ability to improve their work by evaluating the materials and methods. This week the student teacher can get his achievements. The student can also report the progress to the parent

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