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Sunday, January 10, 2021

LC dhyan ma rakhavani babato

 prathmik Shala madhyamik Shala Higher Secondary Schools OK In private schools a child has to be given a school leaving certificate when the school changes and also a school has to give a school leaving certificate when a child is in the last standard and enters another school for higher studies

.  Even if the child wants to go to another school from his / her school, the child has to be given a compulsory school leaving certificate with various details. In this school leaving certificate, it is very important for the principals of each school to be careful while filling in the details.  

School Leaving Certificate is a document that a candidate can use for life. School Leaving Certificate A variety of government documents such as Aadhaar Card Election Card License PAN Card Caste Example It is very important to get all these different types of government documents Leaving Certificate  When the student enters the school, the general register  The same details that have been recorded have to be entered in the school leaving certificate. 

There is no check and if there is any error in the school leaving certificate in writing the information from the principal, it is written on it and the principal himself signs it with a red ball pen.  It is also a crime if a student cannot tamper with a school dropout coin. If a jio student has to give a school leaving certificate at the same time as leaving school, he / she has to go through the affidavit process to retrieve it if the girl is lost. 

 Only then a duplicate school leaving certificate is obtained. In the school leaving certificate the name of the student is his father's full name. Date of birth.  The details of his last standard five are written, his sub-caste is also mentioned here, then the signature and coin of the principal should also be done.  

શાળા છોડયાના પ્રમાણપત્રને લગતી તમામ વિગતો ડાઉનલોડ કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Also, the class teacher of the classroom in which the child falls has to sign and the students are given a school leaving certificate by giving the general register number. The student has to give his details when he enters another school and LG has to give it to the school and  The receipt below the LC has to be sent to the old school so that the verification as well as confirmation process of the child entering for further studies is completed.

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