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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Matdar yadi2021 declare

 The voter list reform program is coming up every few months in the entire state by the state government. In order to spread the word about this voter list reform program, a block level officer is also appointed in each village.  He is also given proper training.

 The job of the booth level officer is to add voters to the new voter list as well as to work on updating and updating the voter list as well as to correct and update if there is any error in the election card holder.


 With the local body elections coming up in the coming days, various phases of voter list reform have been carried out across the state. This time, various features have been added to the portal by the Election Commission to enable voters to register online from their homes.  

You can also register your 7election car by entering your details in the application and remove your name from the electoral roll.  You can also do the latest operation inside i.e. update your new photo by deleting your old photo. You can do that from the official portal of the Election Commission. In addition, you have to provide various information in this application of the Election Commission and upload  The only way you can make this information change online is to carefully study the guidelines given by the Election Commission officials on the website.

  You can do the online process only if you have proof. The Election Commission has started preparations for the local body elections which are going to be held this time in 2021. You have to go to the Election Commission website and provide your details and your previous election card. 

મતદાર યાદી માંતમારું નામ ચકાસવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 Your various details are entered from the number that you have to give the epic number.  You can also know the status of your operation process from this number. You can also know the status on the website at different times. You can know the status. You have a separate option to know the status. The status process is a very simple process. Only the confirmation number.

Click here for matdar yadi details

  You can also contact the officer to find out how far your process has progressed and find out the details online from the comfort of your own home as they are all back to you and you can use them.

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