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Monday, February 1, 2021

Joyfully activites for std 1 &

 The approach the youngsters worked within the cluster in their own approach, I visited see arithmetic in faculties. to show any new unit in arithmetic education, it ought to be divided into 3 components. (1) by activity outside the room (2) by solid objects (3) by activity cards. kids performed activities associated with arithmetic, acting songs, mimicry etc. At night, Gujarati alphabets were cut by team members by specialists.

Those who were placed on the rubbersol all learned and worked in their own approach. along side handicrafts on paper, they were conjointly tutored the way to build shadow puppets. subsequent morning every cluster (6) was introduced to the community. that|during which|within which} the representatives of every cluster created their presentation in addition as their own queries which got by Rao. Were resolved by satisfactorily whose details square measure given last. perceptive environmental education, it absolutely was found that environmental problems were divided into twenty five sections for Std-1 and a pair of.educate kids regarding each issue of the atmosphere through field journeys. Some problems were place up for the survey. when the survey is completed, it's displayed on the cardboard. Discussion cards square measure created on problems that don't seem to be surveyed. On the morning of the third day, all the members traveled 3 klick from Rishivali Education Center. Visited the planned metric truthful in a very remote village.

The highlight of this truthful was that there was full participation of the community in it. every member was given associate degree data card together with his name in it. Going there, I detected that the youngsters were sitting with their folks at completely different places with a replacement dish. there have been conjointly things for youngsters to be told through expertise, as well as the following: (1) weight (2) mensuration height, (3) estimating the approximate range of various geometric shapes drawn in a very image. () what percentage stones are often counted in a very minute? (4) what quantity cash are often counted in a very minute? (6) measure of individual claws. (() to mention the load of virtually any four completely different objects. (() Length of individual nostrils (4) length of 4 bars more or less (10) length of 4 bamboos more or less (11) mensuration liquid in a very massive instrumentation what quantity are often measured in a very minuteEach of the higher than activities is managed by the college kid. Thus, they'll learn plenty with fun and activity. each facet of the truthful appeared terribly enticing, effective and innovative for all the members, the queries that came up when the start of the cluster and its solution: (Answers given by Dr. Rao) Q: do not believe, teaching is associate degree art. .

Which is at intervals the person. even so, every of our academics has done S.S.C. Passed. Q: What does one do for a faculty building product of bamboo and different grasses throughout the monsoon? It receives little or no precipitation however once there's an excessive amount of rain in 2 months, it's a faculty vacation. Question: Is giving a textbook in STD. five will the child's accomplishment or interest in learning matter? 244121 one.4 - Compare Activity Cards. Sion sorts that seem to be associated with the textbook.

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