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Monday, February 1, 2021


 Readiness of school) (2) alphabetical identification, by touch (fully teacher support) (2) writing, dictation where peer-learning is more. Each child becomes the teacher of the other child. (4) Where children learn through children (fully supported) (5) Evaluation in which the things learned so far in three groups are tested by small tests. (par tials peer supported) (6) Children in this group do their work independently. (Self Learning) The story was told by shadow puppets only by schoolchildren. In which all the children participated enthusiastically and sang songs together in the middle of the story.

  The way the children worked in the group in their own way, I went to see mathematics in schools. To teach any new unit in mathematics education, it should be divided into three parts. (1) by activity outside the classroom (2) by solid objects (3) by activity cards. Children performed activities related to mathematics, acting songs, mimicry etc. At night, Gujarati alphabets were cut by team members by experts.

Those who were placed on the rubbersol all learned and worked in their own way. Along with handicrafts on paper, they were also taught how to make shadow puppets. The next morning each group (6) was introduced to the community. In which the representatives of each group made their presentation as well as their own questions which were given by Rao. Were resolved by satisfactorily whose details are given last. Observing environmental education, it was found that environmental issues were divided into 25 sections for Std-1 and 2.
educate children about every issue of the environment through field trips. Some issues were put up for the survey. After the survey is done, it is displayed on the card. Discussion cards are created on issues that are not surveyed. On the morning of the third day, all the members traveled three km from Rishivali Education Center. Visited the planned metric fair in a remote village.

The highlight of this fair was that there was full participation of the community in it. Each member was given an information card with his name in it. Going there, I noticed that the children were sitting with their parents at different places with a new dish. There were also things for children to learn through experience, including the following: (1) weight (2) measuring height, (3) estimating the approximate number of different geometric shapes drawn in a picture. () How many stones can be counted in a minute? (4) How much money can be counted in a minute? (6) Measurement of individual claws. (() To say the weight of almost any four different objects. (() Length of individual nostrils (4) length of four bars approximately (10) length of four bamboos approximately (11) measuring liquid in a large container How much can be measured in a minute.
Each of the above activities is managed by the school child. Thus, they will learn a lot with fun and activity. Every aspect of the fair seemed very attractive, effective and innovative for all the members, the questions that came up after the beginning of the group and its solution: (Answers given by Dr. Rao) Q: Don't believe, teaching is an art. .

Which is within the person. Nevertheless, each of our teachers has done S.S.C. Passed. Q: What do you do for a school building made of bamboo and other grasses during the monsoon? It receives very little rainfall but when there is too much rain in two months, it is a school holiday. Question: Is giving a textbook in STD. 5 Does the child's achievement or interest in learning matter? 244121 1.4 - Compare Activity Cards. Sion types that appear to be related to the textbook.
come a long way.




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