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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Ekam KASOTI and Nidan KASOTI students marks printout download process

 Due to the rapid pace of Corona transition, the state's primary schools, higher secondary schools, secondary schools as well as all educational institutions and children are currently banned. Children receive primary education at home and receive education through virtual medium as well as online education.  

The students are being studied through various online mediums. The unit test of the students is currently being conducted and the diagnostic test is also being conducted and the process of its evaluation is also being conducted online. The diagnostic test of the first semester of the students has just been completed.  

Primary schools have been closed again as per the order of the education department due to the increase in the speed of the current school. The work of online education has been resumed. The marks of diagnostic test and unit test are being done online.  In which after checking the answer books of the students and making online entry of the marks of the students, Standard Wise  The matter has been updated on the website of SSA Gujarat so that the print out of the marks of the students can be deleted after the entry so that the class teacher can now keep the standard wise and subject marks of the students as well. Step by step details are explained here.  

Step 1- visit --

Step 2 go to online attendance 

Step 3 click on exam entry status report

Step 4 select class and subject

Step 5 printout

Important link:-

Click here for official website

Ekam Kasoti babte latest suchana 3/3/2022

As such, the class teacher will now be able to download and print out the marks of all the students' marks after completing the process of scanning their diagnostic test and marks of all unit tests and keep it in their records

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