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Monday, April 19, 2021

Major big news about lock down in gujarat

 Market Visit

 one continually wear a triple layer N95 nose mask or use a face cowl once you depart of your house. 

2 Wear plastic shoes dedicated to the market. 

3 Keep a distance of a minimum of half dozen feet from anyone or tradesman within the market.

4 don't bit something surplus outside your home.

 five don't bit your face along with your hand once you area unit out of the house. 

6 Carry atiny low pack of sanitizer in hand (containing seventieth alcohol and if you think that you've got touched something suspicious within the market, sanitize your hand directly. 

It is higher to possess a plastic bucket with you once you head to the market, place the contents within the bucket and take it to your home. solely then head to the market.Try to head to the market once or double per week.

Note: you are doing not ought to wear a nasal mask in your home unless you get AN malady like grippe. try and build a digital payment exploitation the appliance or constant bank application.  This rule will be followed always to avoid anyone, This rule should be followed for good to stop corona virus

This rule should be followed for good to stop corona virus. 

Do not take currency from any tradesman because it contains Corona. If you provide the tradesman a currency note, purchase with the total quantity and don't withdraw the cash. If below any circumstances you're taking the currency from the market, to your home Hold it in your hand and clean it with the assistance of a girl. Ironing the knot on either side. The person visiting the market won't bit the iron, he can place the currency note on the surface and different members of the family can iron. clean currency coins with seventieth alcohol based mostly sanitizer or soap and water. Wash your hands with soap and water once medical care of currency. Use of public elevate / ladder. within the current state of affairs it's higher to use a ladder rather than a public elevate. don't bit the steps along with your hand. If you would like to use AN elevator, keep many items of paper in your pocket and bit them once covering your finger with the paper. Throw out the used paper directly and throw it within the trash.  This rule will be followed always to avoid anyone

Maintain a distance of a minimum of half dozen feet from others within the elevator, it's higher to use it on an individual basis. don't block the door, decision and inform the members of the house to open the door once you enter. Place a frenzied table or any box of dedicated materials close to the door. Wash your hands and face with soap for a minimum of twenty seconds within the toilet. Dip your garments in detergent answer and bathe with soap and water (if you think that you haven't visited a packed space, you'll skip this step). Properly wash your plastic slippers with detergent answer. This rule should be followed for good to stop corona virus.

Any Helper Visitors: 

If AN outsider sort of a pipe fitter / lineman / mechanic visits your home, make certain he or she doesn't have a fever. you'll check it with AN infrared measuring system. 1st let him wash his hands with sanitizer or soap and water. don't enable him to the touch something except his work. Sanitize the place and tools he has used with the soap answer once the work is completed. Home medical care marches the ground each morning with detergent answer, whitener answer.

ગુજરાત માં લોકડાઉન અંગે દિવ્યભાસ્કર સમાચાર અહીંથી વાંચો

 clean the most door handle and door bell with a seventieth alcohol based mostly liquid sanitizer. medical care of room utensils. room utensils area unit typically clean with soap and don't ought to be disinfected. 

સંપૂર્ણ ગુજરાતી ન્યુઝ અહી થી વાંચો Date 3/5/2021

Disinfection of clothing:

 Wash your garments with built-soap powder (detergent) directly once returning home from outside. Wash your towels and everyday garments oftentimes. 5. nine medical care of hands five. 9. one Wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of twenty seconds. 5. 9. two Rub the soap equally on the palm, between the fingers, on the nails and wrists for twenty seconds so take away with water. 5. 9. as an alternative, a sanitizer with eightieth alcohol will be wont to clean the hands. Note: it's not necessary to clean hands oftentimes with sanitizer otherwise you're out of your house however it's necessary to clean hands with sanitizer before uptake something. 5. ten the method of disinfecting vegetables and fruits Given this state of affairs, sterilize vegetables and fruits before use.

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