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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Education department nu std 12 exam 2021 vishe mahatvnu nivedan

 The decision taken by the state government of Gujarat to give mass promotion to students in standard 10 is likely to affect school parents and education as well, experts of the education department have already said. 

 Out of these, an average of 11 thousand students get admission in different endeavors after Std. 10 i.e. iti diploma as well as other certificate courses based on Std. 10 every year against which there are about 60 thousand seats in Std. 11 Science and 11 General Stream out of which 9000 students  Therefore, a big problem is likely to arise in the coming days. 

Experts also say that the cancellation of the centralized examination is likely to create a situation where the school will have to increase the number of classes by more than 300. In addition, more than 200 teachers will have to be recruited to teach it.  Many questions are currently confusing, most of which parents have a question about how to get admission in standard 11. 

 The school administrators were ready to reply that as per the guideline of the government for admission, they will give admission on the basis of the result of the first and second test of Std. 10 by preparing common merit.  

Online test should be taken. Besides, Dr. Anisha Beni, an educationist who is well known all over Gujarat, said that the mass promotion being given to the students who are currently being given will create a lot of problems for the students who are going to study abroad.  It is also a question of how the institution itself will prepare the merit list. Maybe it is time to cancel the centralized admission process.

ધોરણ 12 પરીક્ષા વિશે શું કહેવું છે શિક્ષણ વિભાગનું તે વિગતે વાંચો.

 Various questions in the minds of the parents of the students as well as in the minds of the gifted students who are going to suffer maximum loss from this decision of mass promotion of Std. 10 are also keeping various questions related to their own future in mind.  There is a concern that if it is written, it will affect the career as well. If the student has all the passes now, then the problem is how the student should be placed in which team in standard 11 now.  The result of three years should be studied carefully and the tree itself should be selected

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