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Friday, May 14, 2021

Std 10 mate upayogi karkirdi margdarshan

 Students have to work hard to build their careers with various techniques and hard work. To build a strong career, they have to strengthen their minds at the same time.  After the welcome decision of Gujarat government to give mass promotion to the students has been taken in the interest of the students, various questions have arisen in the minds of the parents of the students that after Std. 10 students have to go in different career line what to do in Std.  

There will be breaths as well as leisure moments. Now the question that may have come to their mind is how to choose a child's career. There are many systems in both public and private sectors such as IQ test, adjustment test.  Etc. are available but all this is not helpful to us unless the mental role of the student is clear.  It has been found everywhere that the appearance and imitation of others is very influential in choosing the career of the students.

 According to Indian psychologists, stability of mind is the only compulsion and stability of mind is the brightness of intellect.  Therefore, especially for those who do not know about the number of employment opportunities in Gujarat, this special book is given here in which after Std. 10, even after Std. 12 Commerce Science Arts, how many ounces of employment are there and how many lines of study are there?  Explained here with a clear example

 It is true that a student's career is not only based on degree but also degree as well as skill is required in the student right now as we will see that Steve Jobs who built Apple mobile empire in the mobile phone empire did not have a degree and also dropped out of college.  Although we can see how big an empire of iPhone he has built, but he has built such a huge empire without a formal degree. Now it is spread on Facebook and WhatsApp. 

We should see that the founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg.  The world has built a whole new empire on whatsapp which has been turned over. Apart from this, there is a list of many names here but we will not talk in detail about the daughter of a student or a normal student can make a career only if he has a degree.  

Wrong Comedy Poverty Even if we have a lot of skills, we can do any impossible job. There are many courses available in India in which not a degree but skill is required so that the result does not dominate the career.  Debt should be the morale of that student Nice beta yet

The most important and basic need for any progressive nation is the technology which is very important in every field of the world today, so every nation should develop it to the maximum and it is very welcome for its country.  In order to develop technology, the role of technical education as a nation has to be enhanced. Technology is very important in education for any developed nation. Technical education i.e. education related to engineering-pharmacy and related professions. 

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કારકિર્દી માર્ગદર્શન બુક અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

 There has been a lot of progress in this regard. The development of computer and IT sector is also very vocal and pioneering and Gujarat's contribution in this is also huge.  So that students are eligible for admission or get the required degree diploma admission immediately

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